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Matthias Zimmermann NEIL video

Matthias Zimmermann “NEIL” official music video

November 5th, 2015
by Emile Shahidi

We’re very excited to share the official music video for Matthias Zimmermann’s new track “NEIL”:

(Here’s a Dailymotion link for our German friends:

Video directed by Edouard Granero.

Teki Latex: The romanticism of the slow-burning collective euphoria-inducing aerial techno build up gets VERY REAL in “NEIL”. Ever since Matthias sent the demo for it Neil has become an essential part of my techno sets, with a clear purpose: making the whole club suddenly start to dance with their hands in the air. And all of that while remaining quite subtle, stylish, gritty, neither polished nor obvious. It works in early sets and in late night sets. If i wasn’t the guy from the label who is releasing this single, I’d probably say “this is the Matthias Zimmermann track that every DJ is gonna wanna play”. Also, it is the first taste of Matthias’ soon-coming album.

“NEIL” is taken from Matthias Zimmermann’s “MOMENTUM SERIES, PT.II” EP out 13 Nov!

You can order the vinyl edition here :
100 copies on Yellow vinyl, including free code to download WAV masters.

Matthias Zimmermann MOMENTUM SERIES PT 2

VOLTERY 5 Shadows video

VIDEO PREMIERE: Voltery “5 Shadows” on FACT TV

April 1st, 2015
by Emile Shahidi

FACT TV have premiered the official music video for VOLTERY “5 Shadows”, the latest extract from SND.PE VOL.04!

Directed by Tony Sanm & Reda Taoussi

About the track, Teki Latex says: “Voltery is a young producer hailing from Strasbourg, part of the up-and-coming eastern french collective Friendship. Five Shadows is an elegant and tense techno track with a sense of restrain, as if a dark malevolent storm was approaching – this is perfectly illustrated by Sanm & Taoussi’s video depicting the slow and stressful preparation stage of a supposed burglary by a Nissan 350 Fairlady Z-equipped group of thieves.”

Tony Sanm: “Reda Taoussi and me are big fans of heist movies. The atmosphere, the outfits, the weapons… We also wanted to offer a lecture of our youth. In this case two youngsters under pressure who are going to commit a criminal act. We were interested in focusing on the wait and the preparation before the breaking point, when they get amped up… Like ‘Yeah, let’s do this. Let’s do this now.’ In a different dimension, these same guys might have cancelled the whole thing. We wanted to show this kind of stress very specific to the big moments in our lives. The adrenaline, the strange feeling that you’re in a movie although it feels more real than ever. It’s a short illustration of the foggy uncertainty we’re living in and the memories we’re left with.”

Buy “5 Shadows” on iTunes:

Radio Pellegrino

introducing Radio Pellegrino

March 26th, 2015
by Emile Shahidi

Radio Pellegrino

YES it’s been more than a year since we put out the last episode of the Sound Pellegrino Podcast, but that doesn’t mean we haven’t been recording new DJ mixes!

Between our residency on Rinse France, Teki & Orgasmic’s FACT mix, the Xmas week Teki curated on Rinse France with 12 special shows from everyone in the crew and much more…

As a matter of fact, we’ve just uploaded 28 MIXES to the new version of our podcast feed, renamed RADIO PELLEGRINO!

We thought it would be nice to have every mix from our artist in the same feed so there you go!

If you’re already a subscriber, the mixes will appear automatically in your favourite podcast app ou iTunes. If you arent, listen & subscribe for free here:

And make sure you listen to the very special message from Teki & Orgasmic.

And tomorrow, we’ll be posting a brand new one, a new vinyl-only mix by none other than Matthias Zimmermann! The first vinyl mix he’s been doing in over 10 years!

Atelier Malinowsky

Introducing Atelier Malinowsky!

March 18th, 2015
by Emile Shahidi

logo Atelier Malinowsky

The most attentive fans have already spotted this logo on the back cover of SND.PE VOL.04 and today we’re very excited to share the news that Nicolas Malinowsky, our beloved friend and artist, solely responsible for every Sound Pellegrino artwork since we launched the label in 2009 has just started a new design studio called ATELIER MALINOWSKY with his wife Sarah!

Read all about them on their website

Of course you already know his work for Sound Pellegrino but Nicolas and Sarah have also collaborated on projects for Domus Magazine, Nike, Salomon, Pernod-Ricard, Isakin and Fendi…

Speaking of which, here’s a massive surprise: Two years ago, Nicolas has produced a track entirely made of skateboarding sounds, from a video part he directed and chopped in Ableton. The result was an incredible track and video simply called “Skateboarder” released on SND.PE VOL.01 and noticed by many, including The Berrics. But it also made a great impression on creatives, including Fendi who commissioned Malinowsky to give a similar treatment to their iconic handbag the 3Baguette. Once again, all sounds are produced with the bag itself, from the leather to the metal closure and the strap! And a very slick video reinterprets Nicolas’ performance:

Yes, this really happened.

Plus, true story: all sounds have been recorded with the same portable equipment we’ve been using to do the Sound Pellegrino podcast for years :)

They also have designed a capsule collection with the Barbès-based brand ISAKIN, using African fabrics purchased on the legendary Parisian boulevard, cut diagonally and applied over the logo for the brand to embrace and honour the neighbourhood’s fashion legacy.

IMG_5430_1024x1024 IMG_5448_1024x1024 IMG_5437_1024x1024

You can buy these pieces on the Isakin website here:

And finally, here’s an in-depth interview with Nicolas in the Danish magazine Bitchslap, where he talks about his multiple projects, the launch of Atelier Malinowsky, his collaboration with Sound Pellegrino and how music and skateboarding have always connected his activities together. (Click photos to enlarge)


If you’re looking for clues about Nicolas & Sarah Malinowsky’s forthcoming projects, follow them on instagram: @atelier_malinowsky

Long live Atelier Malinowsky!

Bosses 2 instagram

Bosses #2 on 30 Jan with Night Slugs & Livity Sound

January 13th, 2015
by Emile Shahidi

Sound Pellegrino’s club residency at the Showcase returns this 30 Jan with the two bossmen of Night Slugs and Livity Sound‘s champion.

None other than L-Vis 1990, Bok Bok and Kowton are Teki Latex & Orgasmic‘s guests for this new edition of our club night dedicated to label Bosses.

Facebook event:


The first one with Jimmy Edgar & DJ Haus was an absolute blast!

See the video for yourself:

Joe Howe by Hans Kristian Hannibal-Bach

Joe Howe’s ZONED REMINDER is premiering on Clash Music!

January 9th, 2015
by Emile Shahidi

photo: Hans Christian Hannibal-Bach
(photo: Hans Christian Hannibal-Bach)

Clash Music premieres Joe Howe’s “ZONED REMINDER”!

“Brilliantly bonkers electronic pop (…) Gloriously inventive, Joe Howe continues to trod his own path. ‘Zoned Reminder’ shares the vivid technicolour of fellow city-dwellers Rustie and Hudson Mohawke, but there’s a skewed sensibility here which belongs entirely to the producer himself.”

Pre-order SND.PE VOL.04 on iTunes!
USA / UK / Germany / Japan / Australia:
France / Belgium / Switzerland / NL:

Out 19 Jan 2015