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Introducing Crystal

May 22nd, 2013
by Sound Pellegrino
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Sound Pellegrino is very proud to release Japanese group Crystal‘s new EP “Get It” on June 10th. Some of you might remember them from their two awesome releases on the late Institubes.


Initiative (March 2009) : 

Magic (March 2010) :

The group formed by Shinya Sato, Keita Onishi, Ryota Miyake & Sunao Maruyama is known for incorporating strangely poetic computer-generated visuals to their songs, their visual identity is as strong as their sonic identity. Early in their carreer, their tracks varied from naive early Shinjuku electro hommages to melancholic 3D tear drop synth ballads tied together by an obsession for lazerdisk and video games aesthetics.

Capture d’écran 2013-05-08 à 20.43.58

For their “Get It” EP on Sound Pellegrino they went out of their comfort zone to merge their Kraftwerk and Yellow Magic Orchestra influences with more modern, hybrid and dancefloor-ready soundscapes, still motivated by pure feelings of digital romanticism, the megalopolis and the ever-changing world of technology. The song ‘Get it ?!’ (feat. Teki Latex) will be illustrated by a self-directed video in 3D (old school 3D glasses will be supplied with the vinyl edition of the EP) It is an important EP by an important group with a unique vision, and we can’t wait to let the world hear it.


In the meantime, get familiar with the visual aspect of Crystal’s universe via some videos they directed for Strip Steve, Shinichi Osawa & Paul Chamber, Chateau Marmont and Keenhouse :


Matthias Zimmermann pic by Keffer - 6

Listen: exclusive Matthias Zimmermann mix for Clash Music

November 15th, 2012
by Sound Pellegrino

Listen & download here:

Matthias Zimmermann by KEFFER

As you know, all tracks on Matthias Zimmermann’s releases have first names and constitute the population of an Isla we’re gradually exploring with him.

And here’s Zimmermann’s explanation of his mix: “The mix puts the listener in the position of being marooned on the ISLA. It describes the plot in different phases:

- shipwreck
– blurred perception of the environment
– alien impressions
– realization of the dramatic situation
– starting to brace oneself
– exploration
– being captivated by peerless purity
– looking out for shelter
– building a makeshift home
– hunting for food
– struggle in the wilderness
– growing desperation
– escape”


Matthias Zimmermann — Quincy (official video)

November 14th, 2012
by Sound Pellegrino

We think it’s pretty rude to reference drugs we haven’t done (yet), but this definitive colour treatment is spelling L-S-D at every frame and it would be hypocritical to dismiss the obvious.

Look at it as a trippy saturated statement of interdependence between nature and technology, where computers are brought out in the forest like in the artwork for James Stinson’s “The Other People Place” and there is an actual conversation between synths and birds. Technology is not looking for beef with nature, it’s just chillin’, minding its own business, and it makes more sense than ever: numbers adding up to objectively confirm was passion has inspired you, a moment of perfect cosmic realisation where nano-tech, politics and crazy conclusions drawn from observing nature through countless random filters of ignorance or poetry are the same thing: MAGIC. Sensuality, quantum physics and theatre arts overlapping all around you in a totally focused rainbow-coloured lenticular 360° landscape.

Directed by Ill-Studio

Matthias Zimmermann pic by Keffer

Matthias Zimmermann signs album deal on Sound Pellegrino

November 5th, 2012
by Sound Pellegrino

The young German genius is back again and for good on Sound Pellegrino.
Matthias Zimmermann becomes the first artist signed on our label for an album.
For now, enjoy his new EP “Botanica Dub” out today!


Download the press release (PDF) here:
Matthias Zimmermann Botanica Dub

Buy it now on iTunes:

And a limited vinyl edition of 100 copies exclusively on our online store!

Also available on Boomkat • Beatport • Zero”

After landing on the scene last year with his first Sound Pellegrino release “Isla Dub”, and exercising his unique combination of war drums, electromechanical symphonies and earth sounds on such highly respectable labels as Tigersushi and Discobelle, gaining the respect of peers such as Hudson Mohawke, Martyn, Laurent Garnier, Joakim, Modeselektor, Ivan Smagghe, Boys Noize, Breakbot and many more in the process, German maestro Matthias Zimmermann is back for the third time on his newly-permanent home Sound Pellegrino.

Yes, home, as in “Child, you are my treasure, my burden… my Artist. This is your home. You know, where the heart is.”

We launched Sound Pellegrino back in 2009 as a cut-the-middle-man, no-strings-attached, one-off-based crush outlet for club music we wanted to share with other DJs in the form of EPs. The great thing with such definitive decisions in art is their volatile character. Actually it’s guaranteed: you know that some time in the future, the solid rules you’ve established as a framework will be breached in a new passionate, therefore totally valid decision.

When the “Isla Dub” EP came out last year, we knew we were witnessing the start of an exciting trajectory: the career of young genius Matthias Zimmermann. That was for sure. A man with a vision, a thirst to learn and collaborate, a sensibility that encompasses almost every musical genre we love. And now a friend. The question was: would we have the balls to weave our trajectory with his?
The gonad inventory turned out to be in excess. We had to give the man a proverbial Sound Pellegrino chain.

We’re very scared excited to announce that Matthias Zimmermann is the very first artist to sign an album deal on Sound Pellegrino, with his full-length debut set for mid-2013. After all it makes sense: he is an extremely productive precocious master whose creativity is meant to be exercised on long players. His art, his tales, his requiems are built for albums.

First name is Matthias, with two T’s;
Last name Zimmermann, with two M’s and two N’s. You’ve been warned.

Inspired by the wonderfully grandiose garden situated on the left bank of Paris known as Jardin des Plantes, here is Matthias Zimmermann’s latest offering, the BOTANICA DUB” EP.

Radio support from BBC Radio 1 (Benji B) and RINSE FM (dj MA1)

DJ support from A-Trak, Crookers, Laurent Garnier, Modeselektor, Zdar, Round Table Knights, Sinden, Joakim, Para One, L-Vis 1990, Aeroplane, Toddla T…


Matthias Zimmermann ‘Botanica Dub’ vinyl preorder, release party and first preview

October 22nd, 2012
by Sound Pellegrino

Matthias Zimmermann’s new EP “Botanica Dub” is coming out November 5th !

Pre-order the limited vinyl version (100 copies only) here:

Here’s a first preview of ‘Vincente’, one of the three new tracks on “Botanica Dub”:

And join us this Thursday at Social Club for the release party with Hrdvsion, Matthias Zimmermann, Sound Pellegrino Thermal Team and Nicolas Malinowsky!

Sound Pellegrino at Social Club


Important information for our Facebook fans

October 11th, 2012
by Sound Pellegrino

This has been discussed earlier but as you may know, updates from all pages you’re a fan on Facebook of don’t always show up in your timeline.
We have many good news to share in the upcoming days and weeks, so if you wanna make sure you see all the messages we have for you, three easy steps:

  1. 1. Go to
  2. 2. Click on the ‘Liked’ button on the right, under the cover picture
  3. 3. Check the ‘Show in News Feed’ option

That’s it!
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Comme vous le savez, les statuts des pages Facebook n’apparaissent plus systématiquement sur votre timeline.
Nous avons pas mal de (très) bonnes nouvelles à annoncer dans les jours et semaines  à venir, donc pour être sûrs de ne manquer aucun message, trois petites étapes :

  1. 1. Rendez-vous sur
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  3. 3. Cochez l’option the ‘Afficher dans le fil d’actualité’

Et voilà !
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Out today: Sound Pellegrino Thermal Team "Activate / I Be"

October 1st, 2012
by Sound Pellegrino

Out today on all music stores and vinyl!
Vinyl (limited edition of 100 copies):


Sound Pellegrino bosses ORGASMIC and TEKI LATEX, otherwise known as the Thermal Team, return to the fusion of styles explored on previous subterranean hits such as “Bassface” and “Ice Palace” to bring you another slice of that dope unnamed hybrid of funk, dirty south bass and electronic rap ‘a la Francaise’ with this new EP “ACTIVATE” / “I BE”.

“ACTIVATE” is a motivational dance number basically urging the listener to get this proverbial party started, whether it’s an actual party or one happening in his brain via intoxication of his soul. It doesn’t have to make much sense: this is how the best techno poetry in the World has always worked.

“I BE” has been described by our close friends and collaborators as ‘anthemic’, although that’s a quite pretentious thing to write in your own press sheet but hey, it’s THEIR word, not ours.

Already supported by DJs: Beataucue, Bobmo, Bok Bok, Club Cheval crew, Crabbe, Crookers, Destructo, Star Eyes, Don Rimini, dOP, Douster, Drop The Lime, Duke Dumont, DVNO, Feadz, Franki Chan, Glass Figure, His Majesty André, Jean Nipon, Joakim, Krikor, Louisahhh!!!!, Maelstrom, Malente, Matthias Zimmermann, Mixhell, Mumdance, Nick Catchdubs, Noob, NT89, Renaissance Man, Sinden, Skream, Spoek Mathambo, Star Slinger, Strip Steve, Style Of Eye, Taku Takahashi, Tittsworth, Tony Senghore, TWR72, Untold…


Heard on the radio: LE MOUV (Laura Leishman) & RADIO NOVA (David Blot)

Also available on: Juno • Zero” • Boomkat • Beatport


Surkin & Todd Edwards ‘I Want You Back’ full EP out today!

August 27th, 2012
by Sound Pellegrino

Dear Friends, The Day Has Come!

The long-awaited release of the third EP in our Crossover Series, a mighty collaboration between the French wonder SURKIN and American garage legend TODD EDWARDS!

Buy the ‘I Want You Back’ EP now on iTunes:

Also available on BoomkatJunoZero”BeatportQobuz

Surkin and Todd Edwards 'I Want You Back' EP out now


Not only did Todd pick up the mic again, but on “I Want You Back”, Surkin transformed himself into the ultimate Acid R&B producer and laced him with a future milestone. As expected, Todd Edwards’ vocals about lost love are imperial, touching, timeless, sad but at the same time motivational, as pure modern Soul should be.

“This Way” combines classic Todd Edwards joyful grainy production with Surkin’s straight-to-the-point repetitive efficiency, injecting slight doses of Techno masculinity in an otherwise bucolic, feminine, almost handbag- ish House number, creating a unique fusion of styles that will melt your little raver brain.

“Mighty Love” channels the same kind of style fusion but this time it’s the French touch heritage that quietly takes over evoking hints of Cassius and Stardust at times, as well as a certain Roulé feel, but free from redundant cheesy French touch clichés. Definitely a possible evolution of late 90s french styles in an alternate future.

Already supported by our DJ friends A-Trak, Switch, Annie Mac, Laura Leishman, Rob Da Bank, Crookers, Joe Goddard, Zdar, Riton, Sinden, Feadz, Aeroplane, Untold, Canblaster, Crabbe, Drop The Lime, Oneman, Martelo, Ben Westbeech, LOL Boys, TWR72, Krikor, Strip Steve, Maelstrom, Darabi, Jean Nipon, Nick Catchdubs, Logo…
+ Tsugi, Magnetic Magazine, FACT, Dazed Digital …


Surkin & Todd Edwards ‘I Want You Back’ official music video

June 26th, 2012
by Sound Pellegrino
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Pre-order the EP now on iTunes:

Limited vinyl edition exclusively on our online store:

As soon as the boys sent us the result of their last day of studio, we knew they treated us with something really unique and as the tracks were being polished we wondered how to illustrate it and the answer came from our director friend @LILINTERNET over at KarmaloopTV. Based on Surkin’s idea that we should give a nod at Todd’s roots with shots evoking the opening credits to ‘The Sopranos’, we sent Todd to search the streets of Jersey, the Atlantic City boardwark, carnival fairs and empty hotel rooms for the reason of the heartbreak exorcised in the song. Flickering apparitions of a mysterious green-haired character suggest she’s watching over him but that their respective realities shall never meet again.