July 11th, 2016
by Emile Shahidi

Over the last few weeks, many in the artistic community have called out all people and organizations whose passion and activities have deep connections and owe an indisputable debt to Black American culture upon which modern music has built itself, going all the way back to the Blues.

Sound Pellegrino, a label founded by former members of a rap group to explore currents and subgenres derived from Hip Hop, Techno and House is without a doubt one such organization.

This cultural bond reminds us that even at our small scale, it’s our human duty to voice our concern and sorrow from Paris, and join other artistic organizations who have spoke up before us against the constant, unjustifiable and unpunished acts of violence against American black citizens from agents and employees of the establishment.

None of this is happening in a vacuum. No one should live nor die in a bubble. Distance justifies no detachment, no silence.

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