Caked / 81Harvard Bass
Caked / 81

Release date: 04/06/2009
Catalog number: SNP003
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Track list

  1. Caked
  2. 81
  3. 81 (Renaissance Man mix)

SNP 003: HARVARD BASS — Caked / 81

April 15th, 2013
by Sound Pellegrino by

We got to know Harvard Bass through Johnny Love from Guns ‘n’ Bombs back in december 2007 when TTC flew to California on a quest for the perfect hamburger (shout out to In & Out). We closely followed his career since then, inviting him to remix our “Sixpack Anthem” on Institubes and watching him gather massive support from DJs like Crookers, Brodinski, Christian Martin, Jess & Crabbe, Acid Girls, Fluokids and many, many more. It’s finally Harvard Bass’s time to shine. FA SHOW!

As demonstrated in “Caked” and “81”, the music of Harvard Bass is a combination of elegant, smooth and sophisticated minimalism on one side and bad ass dirty jacking ghetto house grooves with filthy drums and simple, obsessive riffs on the other.

And fresh from their smashing debut EP “Spraycan” on Switch’s Dubsided imprint, Finnish duo Renaissance Manprovide a slamming remix of “81” in the form of percussive house jam in true Sound Pellegrino fashion, foreshadowing their highly anticipated S.P. release “What Is Guru / Aloha” in the coming weeks! That’s what’s up.