Wedouwedou / Give It UpMomma's Boy
Wedouwedou / Give It Up

Release date: 08/08/2009
Catalog number: SNP005
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Track list

  1. Wedouwedou
  2. Give It Up
  3. Betowe
  4. Wedouwedou (Kid Kaio remix)


April 15th, 2013
by Sound Pellegrino by

Mike Gnacadja is the type of producer who needs balance in his life. When Luca aka Curses! aka Drop The Lime introduced him to us under the name Mikix The Cat, little did we know that a week later he would start bombarding us with a neverending stream of amazing tracks, each belonging to a cryptic, unheard-of subgenre of house. While unleashing his hard bass-driven rave bursts as Mikix for Luca’s label Trouble & Bass, Mike kept his lighter, more playful side away from the public ear, but not from the Sound Pellegrino Thermal Team’s hard drives. Influenced by the sparse sounds of the house music of Now, as well as a rightful return to the African rythms of his Beninese roots, channelled by his move from Paris to Berlin, a new face of Mike Gnacadja was born, we decided to name it Momma’s Boy (after the restaurant in Curb Your Enthusiasm).

Instantly praised by world class DJs such as Edu K, Andy George, Worthy (who will soon drop another Momma’s Boy release on his wonderful imprint Anabatic) and many more solely on the basis of his remix of Douster’s “For Weirdos Only” and a couple of Myspace tracks, Mike is ready to show the world what Momma’s Boy is made of with the release of his Sound Pellegrino EP: Wedouwedou / Give It Up.

“Wedouwedou” was the track that made Orgasmic and I jump out of our seats and scream “Mike is ready”. A slow-burning tech-funk groover that turns into a pumping mini fuzzy synth freestyle resembling a drunken cross-eyed bird’s tweet with a build up that would make Magilla Gorilla jizz strawberry-banana-flavored smoothie in his pants.

Orgasmic and I had an argument about whether “Give It Up” should be the A side or not, but things like that don’t really matter anymore with digital releases, do they? Anyway I believe “Give It Up” is the hit of the EP. Banging yet subtle, evil yet pointing towards the direction of “a fun jam”, this track is like a sprinkle of hagelslag on an already delicious piece of toast in the middle of a well-furnished musical Dutch breakfast.

Speaking of Dutch, Rotterdam’s Kid Kaio has been a hero to us for quite some time now, precisely since his collaboration with Lucky Charmes on the hit “Plain Dots”, which we banged all year with unbounded pleasure. His remix of “Wedouwedou” is as tribal and bubbly as one would expect, while introducing a surprisingly deep and dubby mood. Here’s what twitter-happy gangster house DJ Brodinski had to say about it:

brodinski @TekiLatex kid kaio Rmx amazing Prog House trance deep crack mafia music. love it. @MIKIXTHECAT

As a matter of fact Brodinski likes this EP so much he decided to include bonus track “Betowe” on his freshly dropped Bugged Out mix-CD. “Betowe” mixes deep minimal rhythms with tribal drums and chants, much like a lot of house music being released this year, except these chants are sung in the very dialect spoken by Mike’s family, and I’m not even trying to get all “authentic” on your asses but Momma’s Boy flips those vocal samples like no one will ever be able to, period.