Compass / ZahondaL-Vis 1990
Compass / Zahonda

Release date: 19/10/2009
Catalog number: SNP007
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Track list

  1. Compass
  2. Zahonda
  3. Compass (Christian Martin remix)
  4. Zahonda (Greena remix)

SNP 007: L-Vis 1990 ‘Compass / Zahonda’

April 15th, 2013
by Sound Pellegrino by

L-Vis 1990. English bloke. One of the most innovative and talked-about producers of the year, with the talent and artistic vision to back it up, not only through music but also video and artwork (see his massive Riton and Dance Area videos). Championed by blogs, sitting atop a pile of Hypemachine and Resident Advisor charts, L-Vis has earned, through his releases (on Mad Decent, Dress 2 Sweat) and remixes (for Riton & Primary 1, Buraka Som Sistema, Crystal Fighters, G. Vump), the kind of buzz that comes once a year and changes the face of underground club music. We could spend hours explaining how he is the new incarnation of UK bass / club culture and how he blends years of garage heritage with post-modern tribal house, but it’s a lot simpler than that: L-Vis 1990 is his own music genre. He’s a true phenomenon, and the feeling that we are witnessing the imminent explosion of a massive success has never been so tangible.

Slightly heavier than your average Sound Pellegrino release, this single marks our first foray into “riddim” territory, AKA we’re definitely taking the Eurostar to this one. Somewhere in between UK funky and dark African rave lies“Compass”, a strong, obvious, destructive hit that could be interpreted as a punchy follow-up to L-Vis’ previous single United Groove. Already played by the whole universe, from big name Radio 1 DJs to Grenoble techno aficionados, “Compass” is bound to become a must-play, and we’d like to apologize in advance for the loss of your dear little bedroom speakers. On the infamous “virtual flip”, “Zahonda” serves as the bubbly, quieter yet lethal house tool. Obsessive, repetitive and muddy, it’s the chant of Mother Earth reclaiming the dancefloor, or something to raise your arms and worship the Sun to.

The “Compass” remix is provided by none other than Christian Martin, half of the notorious Martin Brothers and one of the heads of best-in-class San Francisco-based house label Dirtybird. This is another case of “we are psyched to have one of the inspirations behind the creation of Sound Pellegrino do a remix for us”. The result: an amazing slice of detailed, elegant and vicious electro-tech that will surprise and win over DJs from across the spectrum. London’s Greena remixes “Zahonda” into an immediate funky stomper that will leave crowds all shook up, wrapping up this essential single that will undoubtedly give to young underground prince L-Vis 1990 the well-deserved title of “King of Bass”.