Release date: 11/03/2009
Catalog number: SNP008
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Track list

  1. Minimood
  2. Minimood (Round Table Knights remix)

SNP 008: SOLO — ‘Minimood ‘

April 15th, 2013
by Sound Pellegrino by

One of the things that define the Sound Pellegrino sound is our passion for a certain brand of House music that revolves around samples. We are proud to come from a Hip Hop background and we consider the art of sampling to be a valid, crucial and inevitable part of music-making today. We celebrate and admire the beauty in creating a new piece of music out of pre-existing fragments of popular culture, the genius of sound collage–taking a song out of its context and into the club, putting something old under the spotlight and making it new again. All of this is exciting to us, that’s why we couldn’t be more proud to release a single by the master of modern sample-based house himself, Italian-born London resident SOLO.

You might know the man from his frequent Mowgli and Crookers collaborations, his work as a sound engineer for Zombie Disco Squad, Riva Starr and Hanna Holland to name a few, his Deadfish and Dirtybird releases and his countless remixes. The thing that ties it all together is his genuine love for the exploration of sound, production techniques, and his search for the perfect sample. “Minimood” and “Rawmania” where both created by the Master in one night, they should be considered as a cohesive project rather than two unrelated pieces of music, they reveal two faces of the same beast, two emotions from the same heart, two sides of the same coin, two shadows at different hours of the same day, two meatballs from the same dish of rich musical pasta.
“Minimood” is SOLO doing what he is best known for: playful and percussive sounds from oddly familiar sources gelling into a piece of as-yet-unnamed music, somewhere in between minimal and fidget–dare we say midget? Hell no, this is more of an axe-swirling drunken dwarf thang. Pumping and bouncy yet slick and dandy.
“Rawmania”‘s title speaks for itself, no need for further spoilers. You’re going to get a big slice of this thick delicious cake called FUN. So enjoy the ride, do the horns, stomp the ground, clap your hands, and dance to this irresistible floor filler.

In the backstage area of a notorious Oslo club, ROUND TABLE KNIGHTS were referred to by a bunch of sinister Sound Pellegrino alumni, who shall remain anonymous, as “the ZZ Top of house”. Facial hair considerations aside, these two dudes from the land of chocolate and cheese keep getting better with every track. We’ve kept an eye on them since their contribution to Jean Nipon & Orgasmic’s “Eurogirls” compilation, which we like to see as the blueprint of Sound Pellegrino. It’s only right that we ended up asking them for a remix of “Minimood”. They delivered a mini-funky-techy house monster, surpassing all of our expectations. A moving example of tasteful, intricate yet groovy dance music with an infrabass that will tickle your brain as much as it massages your butt.

BEATAUCUE are two gifted French kids with a tendency to turn every track they remix into a hot-to-death, fast-paced, relentless, impossible-not-to-play banger. After a few iChat conversations in which they proceeded to reinvent the laws of French grammar and revolutionize Internet semantics through the intense half tongue-in-cheek / half dead-serious use of multiple rapid-fire emoticons, they agreed to remix “Rawmania”. A half-second later, they delivered this merciless musical rollercoaster ride that has “hit” written all over it in day-glo stickers, making us all feel like we’re 500 years old in the process. But it’s all good.