Straight From The SpringVarious Artists
Straight From The Spring

Release date: 30/08/2010
Catalog number: SNP014
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Track list

  1. G. Vump - Shashtilism
  2. Bambounou - Abodan
  3. Para One - Toadstool (LOL Boys remix)
  4. Bart B More & Harvard Bass - Listen To This
  5. Out One - Altamont
  6. Renaissance Man - What Is Guru (dOP remix)
  7. Momma's Boy - Bot Band Concerto (BBC)
  8. Myd & Sam Tiba - Next Novel

SNP 014: Various Artists — ‘Straight From The Spring’

April 15th, 2013
by Sound Pellegrino by

Straight From The Spring is a compilation presented by Scion a/v and curated by Sound Pellegrino.

01. Gucci Vump - Shashtilism

Sound Pellegrino’s former mystery man Gucci Vump is back again with another inventive (and kind of creepy) track. “Shashtilism” updates Gucci Vump’s first single “Sha, Shtil!” with an even bigger klezmer influence and crazy ratatatatatatatatat drums.

We knew we couldn’t use samples on that compilation. So when we started looking for sample-free tracks, and Guillaume and Brodinski from G. Vump gave us this updated version of “sha shtil!” with a re-played, re-sung hook in english (courtesy of Madjo), it sounded like a gift from heaven. It’s a good example of how limitations can stimulate creativity and produce something cool.

02. Bambounou - Abodan

Bambounou turns up the tempo with “Abodan,” a kicking combination of tribal percussion, laser pings and the whirls of a spaceship taking off back to the beginning of civilization.

We’re very jealous of dope french label Youngunz – in a healthy competitive way – for having released bambounou’s EP Animism last week. Do yourself a favor and grab it from Beatport HERE - need i add that it contains a remix by Teki Latex, created in collaboration with LOLboys (more on them later)? Anyway Bambounou is an insanely creative and hyper productive mind and Abodan is a great example of that.

Bonus cut: grab the exclusive Bambounou cut Dogon which is the track that made us discover him exactly a year ago!

03. Para One - Toadstool (LOL Boys remix)

Probably the mellow cut on this collection, Para One gets remixed by LA’s LOL Boys, bringing in spacious synth lines and understated vocal percussion.

A remix of the latest Sound Pellegrino release, which perfectly embodies the recent SP vibe. LOL Boys managed to flip Para One’s Toadstool into an amazing deep tribal disco hybrid. LOL boys are great dudes from L.A and Montreal who love fine french cuisine, if you ever bump into them in Paris ask them to take you to Chez Janou for some chicken. Check out the fun LOL boys site:

04. Bart B More & Harvard Bass - Listen To This

Bart B More & Harvard Bass’ “Listen to This” hits hard from jump street with a pounding bassline and militaristic drums. From there things only get more commanding as the cross-continental duo of Bart B More and Harvard Bass piles on monumental build-ups and cliffhanger breakdowns.

MORE BASS. We were hanging out with Harvard Bass last time he was in Paris, and he played us the fruit of his dutch studio session with his long-time idol Bart Bmore. We played it in Teki’s “computer room” and It sounded so amazingly phat that pieces of the wall litterally fell on the floor. “Listen to this” is an enormous hit, defintely the hardest track on the compilation, but it still manages to keep elements of house and that grimey stomp we love so much. We’re immensely proud to release the result of a collaboration between Harvard Bass, an OG member of the Sound pellegrino family, and Bart Bmore, one of his influences whose electro hit “Brap” is currently one of the biggest tracks in the dance music world.

FYI the other tracks from the same batch of Bart/Harvard collaborations are equally as huge, but don’t assume that they are all in the same hard pounding vein or you will be surprised, as some of them are deeper, more subtle bangers.

05. Out One - Altamont

Out One’s “Altamont” is a chill but pulsing track with a glitchy beat and dinner bell shine. Out One is an old friend of the Institubes crew, previously working with them as a mixer and a video director, but only started producing his own music in 2009. Welcome to our iTunes playlists!

Out One was introduced to us by Para One around the time when we finished recording the first TTC album, probably in 2002-2003. One of his monologues was even sampled in the track “Meet the new boss” from the TTC album Bâtards Sensibles. He was already a DJ at that time, in parallel to his activities as a video director. He went on to direct several videos for Cuizinier, Para One, and various other members of the Institubes camp (remember Bobmo and the table?). He was always around, producing bits and pieces of tracks and fiddling with his laptop but it’s only recently that he started coming up with tracks he would be proud of. This is the start of a brilliant career for this amazing producer whose sound could be described as a housier errorsmith with a strong jamaican influence (he is a big collector of early digital dancehall 7’s). Check out his Soundcloud and his youtube pages.

06. Renaissance Man - What Is Guru (dOP remix)

Finnish house duo Renaissance Man’s Sound Pellegrino release from 2009 get a soulful remix from Paris’  dOP who offer a classic 4/4 beat, spoken word vocals, smooth keyboards and a hypnotic breakdown. It comes directly from outerspace(d out).

“What is Guru” is THE most famous Sound Pellegrino hit. The Thermal Team has been playing it in almost every set since we put it out more than a year ago and we feel that it represents the label quite well. If the crowd reaction is good when we play it in the club or at a festival, then it means people are here to hear some Sound Pellegrino. Ville, one half of Renaissance man, had been living in Berlin for quite a while when he told me “hey i went to Panorama bar the other night and saw dOP live, they are the best live band in house music at the moment!”. Little did he know that i had been good friends with dOP’s vocalist Jo for over a decade, since back when we used to host a web TV show together (at the time of internet startups, when web tv was barely an idea). When the time was right I called up my old friend, played him the track, he loved it and it was on. I love being able to make things like that happen. Not only bringing together two musical families that are not used to swim in exactly the same waters, but also confronting great minds and making great human beings meet. This remix is definitely something playable by deep soulful house DJs, and it still has that Sound Pellegrino identity.

07. Momma’s Boy - Bot Band Concerto (BBC)

For this compilation, Momma’s Boy (an alter ego of Paris producer Mikix the Cat) brings “Bot Band Concerto.” The track sounds like it’s name would suggest – a futuro dancefloor smacker played by an orchestra of robots, blipping and blopping through the night.

Momma’s boy’s BBC is one of our favorite tracks on “Straight from the spring”. It’s refreshing, futuristic, hard to describe yet easy to throw in any kind of mix. It brings together elements of house and very german sounding techno, merged with a strong electro influence, and by electro i mean a modern version of cybotron/planet rock 80’s pop-locking electro, not the stuff crowdsurfing DJs play. One of Mike’s attributes that can be perceived as both a flaw and a quality, is his over-the-top productivity. He claims to love Berlin but with the amount of tracks and mixes he drops every week i’m wondering if by that he doesn’t mean he loves his STUDIO, which happens to be situated in Berlin. Anyway here’s a link to mike’s latest ADD mix, listen to it fast before it gets outdated by the next one coming in a few days. The man is unstoppable.

08. Myd & Sam Tiba - Next Novel

On “Next Novel,” Myd & Sam Tiba manage to incorporate traces of house, electro, minimal, dubstep and Baltimore club into their track with impeccable European sophistication. We’re not sure what the sampled vocals are saying, but we’re pretty sure it’s not “Harry Potters,” like we originally thought.

So here’s what the vocals are saying:

The words were all ran through an italian simpletext to create that eerie sexy feeling.

When I asked Myd and Sam Tiba what it meant, they explained every word was linked to an object in Myd’s studio/room. Namanos, derivated from Namane, qualifies a certain brand of french crusty hippie (you’d have to ask our friend Douster for a full essay on what a Namane is). Lamentos refers to a cute poem about the Lamantin, which is french for manatee. They didn’t want to elaborate on the rest but let’s keep the magic intact and not ruin it with private-jokey explanations. The track is a banger! one of the strongest tracks in the Thermal team sets of late.