Dinosaurs With Guns remixesTeki Latex
Dinosaurs With Guns remixes

Release date: 18/10/2010
Catalog number: SNP015
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Track list

  1. Dinosaurs With Guns (TWR72 remix)
  2. Dinosaurs With Guns (Bobmo remix)
  3. Dinosaurs With Guns (Funkin Matt remix)
  4. Dinosaurs With Guns (Canblaster remix)

SNP 015: TEKI LATEX — ‘Dinosaurs With Guns remixes’

April 15th, 2013
by Sound Pellegrino by

You’ve heard the buzz, one of the biggest tracks from WMC 2010 —played by everybody from Crookers, Fake Blood, Busy P, Boris Dlugosh, Sinden to Brodinski, Christian Martin, Tony Senghore, Style Of Eye, Tocadisco, Bart B More and Tommie Sunshine— is now getting the remix treatment with 4 top notch producers taking it in 4 very different directions, making sure the slogan ‘Dinosaurs With Guns’ will still be heard, chanted by millions of techno believers joining hands in clubs throughout the world until the next ice age (let’s hope it’s not THAT soon).

Funkin Matt remix: Funkin Matt is the Dutch scene’s best kept secret and he’s not even Dutch but Norwegian. This amazing producer has been turning the rules of electro house upside down for a few years now with a series of amazing tracks and remixes for the label Samsobeats (remember his remixes of Mexer?), getting plays by a crazy diverse spectrum of djs from Round Table Knights to Gregor Salto. We’ve been wanting to collaborate with him for a while and it is now reality on this awesome remix combining big room house fire power with his trademark experimental drum patterns. Watch out for the new label he just launched called Fjordin taking control of the house game in the next few months.

Bobmo remix: The forever young Bobmo returns with a remix that brings together his powernerdy ghetto house roots with a newfound (but always latent) love for elegant, or as rappers would say, ‘grown and sexy’ techno. Many have said that this is Bobmo’s best remix in like, forever. Green velvet influences + filthy drums + cold synths + the shadow of cult hard house legend Steve ‘Spinnin’ Santoyo + vitamin boost = the new Bobmo. This ain’t no Bobmo 2.0 though, more like iBobmo 7G.

TWR72 remix: What is there to say? we held a remix competition, recieved more than a hundred entries and this remix came out first, way above the rest. Based on a seemingly never ending build up, it is simply the most fun to play, stripped down, clever, efficient, radically techno remix of ‘Dinosaurs with Guns’ we have heard (and we’ve heard many). Although they have been around for a while The Walk & Roger 72 are making a lot of noise recently and their techno bomb ‘Tunnel’ has been playlisted by top djs around the world from Brodinski to Laidback Luke. No one can deny the slick power of this ultimate tool.

Canblaster remix: this one is a monster, and we mean it in the Cloverfield/Megatron/secret monster hidden in an underground facility in the himalayas who will destroy the world if unleashed – sense of the term. The man of the moment from the crew of the moment, Club Cheval’s very own Canblaster, delivers a crazy genius remix that brings together his old school rave synth roots with his off-beat IDM obsessions. Fresh from remixing Style of Eye, Drop the Lime, J-Wow, Crystal fighters, Underworld and countless others, Can chops up the ‘Dinosaurs’ vocals in an absolutely unique way to create a rythmically unpredictable, powerful yet sunny and dreamy anthem for an alternate dimension.