Wet / DryStyle Of Eye
Wet / Dry

Release date: 30/05/2011
Catalog number: SNP020
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Track list

  1. Wet
  2. Dry
  3. Dry (Zombie Disco Squad remix)
  4. Wet (Darabi remix)
  5. Wet (Darling Farah remix)

SNP 020: STYLE OF EYE — ‘Wet / Dry’

April 15th, 2013
by Sound Pellegrino by

I originally wanted to start this press sheet by writing “if it wasn’t for STYLE OF EYE we would all be listening to the Black Eyed Peas right now and calling it ‘electro’ ” but it’s not exactly true. However, it’s safe to say that without his influence Sound Pellegrino probably wouldn’t exist. He is the hero who almost single-handedly turned us on to techno and house back when our electronic horizon was surrounded by French distorted turbines on one side and big room electro on the other, with loud wobbly fidget in the middle and lame trip-hoppy electronica somewhere in the corner. In 2008, after his Dirtybird release, when “The Prophet” dropped, he took our latent fascination for house anthems and proved that it was compatible with a classy idea of minimalism, without sounding boring, and without renouncing our love for ambitious scandinavian synth-pop melodies. Since those days Linus “STYLE OF EYE” Eklow has experimented with a variety of other directions, all successful in their own lane, but our ambition with this Sound Pellegrino release was to take him back to his early, more sparse house stylings. So here come“WET” “DRY”, two STYLE OF EYE club smashers stripped down to their bare essentials but not devoid of melody, structure and charisma. Big room sensuality is back in the most subtle and fragile way. Sweden y’all.

Wet is a symphony of exotic percussions and digital bird noises not so far away from STYLE OF EYE’s early productions. The track starts with a bouncy baltimore-ish marching rhythm then some sort of synthetic sax comes in and turns it into a California Raisins party in your fridge with dancing ice cream toucans and pineapple congo players. Heart-melting melodies is STYLE OF EYE’s “chamber” (in the Wu-Tang sense of the term) and when executed in his trademark cold pop synths over a thomping beat, there’s really nothing else to do but dance with tears in your eyes, hence the title of the track.

“DRY” has the functionalities of a techno tool without sounding anonymous and interchangeable but rather like the musical equivalent of a hammer precisely hitting a nail, and I’m refraining myself from embarking in a long extended metaphor on DIY equipment here. Based on a simple super-effective melody, “DRY”’s build up is infectious, elegant, clean, and when the beat gets back on his feet ninja-style, it’s with a certain sense of classy-cold Swedish flegm.

It’s not an easy task to remix such gimmick-less tech house numbers but Zombie Disco SquadDarabi and Darling Farah pulled it off beautifully, each of them in a different direction but with a common will to take it to a deeper end of the house spectrum. For their first Sound Pellegrino collaboration since we released their iconic“Eurovision/Esperanto”Zombie Disco Squad expand “DRY”’s build up into percussive peak time house groove with the “toucan synth power” cranked up to ten. Get The Curse / Clouded Vision’s Darabi do their acclaimed screwed up codeine house thang on their remix of “WET” accentuating its feminine side but also adding a dark, leathery, almost “Gotham-esque” dimension to it, making it the perfect soundtrack to a sweet love session with Catwoman on sizzurp. Young futuristic techno champion Darling Farah keeps most of the building blocks that make “WET” a wonderful song, but assembles them differently into an almost 2-step groove, stressing the mystery and adding tension without neglecting the dancefloor. The result is a marvelous and melancholic call to arms in the form of a digital hunting horn resonating through electronic landscapes somewhere in between Middle Earth and Hyrule.