Spell EPNoob
Spell EP

Release date: 10/10/2011
Catalog number: SNP024
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Track list

  1. Spell
  2. Protein
  3. Spell (Zhao remix)
  4. Spell (Maelstrom remix)

SNP024: NOOB ‘Spell’

April 15th, 2013
by Sound Pellegrino by

There must be something in the water in Bordeaux. Something that turns quiet kids into tasteful buttoned-up hooligan technophiles expert in ghetto house and the art of partying till you’re brain dead while screaming their trademark “CHUI CHO” from the top of their lungs. First there was Bobmo, then Strip Steve, Djedjotronic and now we present to you the latest graduate from the Bordeaux school of hard knocks: Noob.

Noob grabbed every dance music aficionado’s attention when he co-signed (alongside buddy Brodinski) the pumpin house megahit ”Peanuts Club” for Turbo Recordings, defining the sound of 2009 and getting plays by every major DJ back when high-pitched synth riffs and tropical riddims ruled the clubs. That was then, this is now, and after delivering a handful of tasty remixes (for none other than heavyweights Tiga, Para One, Style of Eye, Popof) as well as producing the immense “Dinosaurs With Guns” for yours truly,  in early 2011 Noob majestically flipped the script by showing the world his obsession with intricate patterns and melodies through his “Crumble” EP, a very IDM-inspired warped tech house gem on the usually rather techno Form records.

On the night I met him, right after filling in for French partyrock club anthem “shouter” Big Ali (the cambembert-infused French answer to Fatman Scoop) in an Orleans night club, we decided Noob was gonna have his own Sound Pellegrino EP. The “Kiwi” remix and ”Dinosaurs with Guns” came along, and the idea started dangerously drifting away as Noob kept pushing back the moment he would play us demos of his own tracks for a release. Then, all of a sudden, more than a year and a half after the promise was made, apparently the planets were aligned and “Spell” and “Protein” appeared in our mailboxes like a ray of light from Mount Olympus on top of which Noob is currently sitting, chillin, like a genius Bordeaux techno villain.

“Spell” is the huge Sound Pellegrino “choon” everyone was waiting for. A groovy sure shot which combines commanding ferocity and a delicate class in a way reminiscent of Style of Eye’s early work, but also hints at Noob’s passion for IDM and mysterious – almost ambient melodies à la Lone, carried by a strong rhythm built on noble electro and house drums, unraveling the most “hands in the air” breakdown since the invention of putting your hands in the air. Incredible crowd reaction on first listen and massive early feedback from our close circle hint at a very big club success for this track.

“Protein” instantly reminded us of early Oizo and Bpitch-era Feadz productions, as well as the the dirty MPC-sounding, analog clashing against digital, grease-dripping electro funk of old favorites Letroset. It’s weird, aggro yet minimal, always building up yet never blatantly exploding but rather keeping your feet on the floor for some seriously sweaty dance action. Those who know us well will understand why we are absolutely in love with it to death.

French Clouded Vision affiliate ZHAO transforms “Spell” into a deliciously dark and moody, almost UK Bass-y number evolving quietly into a twisted acid bassline-driven house track bursting with playful noises and voices. Irresistibly weird and groovy, combining garage vibes and dark electro echoes this is a great genre-bending remix in pure Sound Pellegrino tradition. MAELSTROM, another up and coming frenchman (yup: a 100% french EP. Cocorico motherf*ckers!) delivers a heavy dose of his trademark mutant miami bass juice on his “Spell” remix, while keeping the melancholic-yet-hopeful spirit of the OG intact (but with added sex).