Night Voyage Tool KitBok Bok & Tom Trago
Night Voyage Tool Kit

Release date: 31/10/2011
Catalog number: SNP025
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Track list

  • White Type R
  • Vector
  • Pom Clash
  • Time Master
  • Lil Ma Bonus Beat


April 15th, 2013
by Sound Pellegrino by

“NIGHT VOYAGE TOOL KIT” is the first chapter of the Crossover Series, a new collection of Sound Pellegrino EPs where we explore collaborations between producers from various horizons, scenes, countries or generations, that have so much in common it feels like the world of music doesn’t have a choice but to see them unite under one viciously irresistible groove.

I first came across TOM TRAGO via the world of dutch designer Parra, his Le Le project and the “baguette frappant” parties he used to hold with the Pain O Chokolat crew at the legendary (and now defunct) club Paris Paris. TOM TRAGO represented the more disco, midtempo, soulful side of the dutch house scene at a time where holland was synonymous with high pitched synth lines and bubblin rhythms. When we found out about the music he was releasing on fantastic label Rush Hour we got hooked, his remix for High Powered Boys’ “Udon”, his collaboration with the god Romanthony and his beautiful “Iris” album sealed the deal.

One day we noticed that Tom was exchanging compliments with our UK grimey house hero BOK BOK in the form of digital carrier pigeons through the information superhighway. BOK BOK, the co-founder of genre-defining imprint Night Slugs, is known for being very picky. His validation is a special mark of trust cherished by up and coming producers worldwide, the constant proof of his impeccable taste. We were so psyched to see BOK BOK give props to a producer completely outside of the scene he was known to evolve in, that we knew we had to bring them together as the first combination in the Crossover Series project. We set up some studio sessions with the two of them in Amsterdam and after a short week of brainstorming and hard work surrounded by analog synths and drum machines at Tom’s studio, the 6 tracks that make up “NIGHT VOYAGE TOOL KIT” were born.

“PATHFINDER” is a dry & gritty beat led by a haunting space bass and elastic drums, backed by a soft layer of analog noise, like a hot wind of realness blowing over the city.

“WHITE TYPE R” stars an epileptic rimshot reigning over an obsessive synth. Simple and effective, this is a perfect spice to layer on top of any track in need of that extra “umph”, nicely fulfilling the EP’s “tool kit” promise.

“VECTOR” is a modernist fusion of bok-bokian grime and tragoist soul chops with a hint of miami bass underlining both producers’ most intuitive common drive and what brings them together: a new, never heard before take on ghetto house’s golden years.

“POM CLASH” sounds like a Night Slugs party deejayed by BOK BOK while TOM TRAGO is riding alone in the middle of the dancefloor in a klaxon horn-equipped bumper car.

“TIME MASTER” is like a remix of a remix in pure metadiddycal tradition. Sampling Teki Latex and Para One’s Canblaster remix, turning it into a beefed-up percolating Dancemania hommage, and then sticking a mesmerizing G-Funk siren on top of all that.

“LIL MA BONUS BEAT” concludes the odyssey with a bassy nod to the duo’s common hip hop roots, flippin a screwed up vocal sample into pure funky acid Chicago madness.