Strange Touch (My House) / Ice PalaceSound Pellegrino Thermal Team
Strange Touch (My House) / Ice Palace

Release date: 16/04/2012
Catalog number: SNP029
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Track list

  1. Strange Touch (My House)
  2. Ice Palace
  3. Strange Touch (My House) [instrumental version]
  4. Ice Palace [instrumental version]
  5. Strange Touch (My House) [a capella version]
  6. Ice Palace [a capella version]

SNP029: Sound Pellegrino Thermal Team ‘Strange Touch (My House) / Ice Palace’

April 15th, 2013
by Sound Pellegrino by

The Thermal TeamTeki Latex and Orgasmic, you know who we are: the founders of Sound Pellegrino, your favorite suppliers of underwater/underwear tech, moon desert bass, and imaginationland house, so let’s skip the introduction, I’m going to assume that by now you guys are all avid listeners of our beautiful weekly Sound Pellegrino Podcast and that you practically feel like you have known us all of your life. You prove it to us every week end by yelling ‘drop that shit’ or ‘soundpellegrinopodcast’ in a high pitched voice before every one of our glorious sets and even though we pretend to be slightly annoyed by it, we secretly love it every time and cherish those moments where the little awkward insecure kids inside of us finally feel like they ‘made it’. I’m also going to assume you couldn’t get enough of our previous EP the infectious “Bassface / Pretty Pretty Good” which set standards in weird French-gone-Miami-gone-UK-gone-back-to-Atlanta-gone-to-Jupiter bass, as well as TV-obsessed pot-and-pan house music. Finally I’m also going to assume that you are all familiar with our vital need to contradict ourselves all the time and always create something outrageously different every time we drop a new piece of music. It is then logical that you are going to be STOKED by our new release “Strange Touch / Ice Palace”, even though it has absolutely nothing to do with anything we have done before… or does it?

We’re not extremely prolific music makers and sometimes when there is an invisible musical mood that miraculously touches us we just gotta go with the flow and follow our instincts if we want actual songs to start existing. We started these tracks with the firm intention of making them intense dancefloor tools but unexpectedly, they naturally turned out drowsy, dreamy, suave, pool-party ready, feminine and sometimes —well I’m gonna say a dirty word here: even DEEP? But we loved it, it appeared as an evidence to us that this was the direction this EP should take, and we decided to stick with it. Maybe it was the call of the spring, the love in the air, the imminent perspective of spending a tiny bit of time watching the waves crash on Miami Beach… who knows. We were just happy to come up with 2 coherent tracks picking up where “Bassface/Pretty Pretty Good” left off but taking Sound Pellegrino Thermal Team into a whole new direction, until we decide to follow another road…

“Strange Touch” kicks off with a percussive and perfectly mixable intro then right away confuses the shit out of you by unleashing a wave of pure tenderness in the form of a gentle synth line straight out of a forest level in Zelda. Just as you were starting to feel warm easy and secure BAM! you’re confused again when the vocals kick in and proceed to drive the vibe into a highway of pure awkwardness and sexual imagery worthy of a Tim & Eric-directed video for a Detroit Grand Pubahs love song produced by PM Dawn. Backed by a strong, simple and catchy chorus, t’s the most melodic, laid back track Orgasmic has produced in a while yet it contains the raunchiest lyrics I’ve written lately, and the contrast is one of a kind. It’s all good surrealist fun though, if anyone asks. Also: tested and approved perfect poolside jam!

“Ice Palace” is somewhat of a more sensitive affair where i reflect on love, boys like me, girls like you, and the complicated shenanigans that make them interact with each other, inspired by past experiences. I talk about being ignored, then loved by many, then choosing to give your love to one in particular, failing and building a fortress of ice around yourself to avoid hurting people and yourself. Basically this could have been summed up in the phrase ‘back then hoes didn’t want me now I’m hot hoes all on me, I said, back then hoes didn’t want me now I’m hot hoes all on me” but unfortunately it was already taken. The beat continues Orgasmic’s recent trend in morphed Miami bass broken down into icicle 808 trap complete with bass slaps and cash machine bells, but this time carrying the same contemplative dreamy synth feel as in “Strange Touch”, albeit with a sadder tone.

PS: here’s one hell of a difference between this EP and our previous work: this time, and for the first time on Sound Pellegrino, we give you instrumental and a capella versions of both tracks, so have fun with them!