Meme Is The New RiddimTeeth
Meme Is The New Riddim

Release date: 18/06/2012
Catalog number: SNP031
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Track list

  1. Percolator Meme
  2. Jusqu’à Tendresse
  3. Busy Crack
  4. Percolator Meme (Lazer Sword remix)
  5. Jusqu’à Tendresse (Kowton remix)

SNP 031 : TEETH ‘Meme Is The New Riddim’ EP

April 16th, 2013
by Sound Pellegrino by

The word ‘meme’, designing an funny internet motif, stems from the word ‘gene’, and describes a concept transmitted through imitation, just like in Jamaican dancehall culture when the same beat (or ‘riddim’) is used, re-used and broken down in a variety of forms by various singers . TEETH using Cajmere’s classic “Percolator” motif and calling the result the “Percolator Meme” gave birth to the idea that a meme IS the new riddim. So “Percolator” is transfigured into a brand new meme , mutated into a proper basement jam dripping of cyber-slime and purple incantations. Awesome musical gravy robbers and Monkeytown alumni Lazer Sword isolate the soul from the original to turn it into an evil electro funk slapper perfect for aquatic pop-locking sessions in a drexciyan underwater world.

The expression “Jusqu’à Tendresse” is not quite correct french but we decided to keep it as it is because TEETH’s broken French is so charming, and to be honest we see it as his very own ‘les rythmes digitales’. It probably means ‘until tenderness’ and if ‘tenderness’ is the place where TEETH intends to go with this track I’d say it’s going to be quite a ride. More precisely an adventure-filled nocturnal ride through the Land Of Bass Bumps and nostalgic northern-light-shaped arpeggios, melancholic and sweaty. Kowton delivers a beautifully respectful techno-ey interpretation of the track, with multiple deep layers of mysterious distant drones moving in and out of this cold desert evening panorama.

The slightly more hectic and caffeine-induced smasher “Busy Crack” closes the package, marrying half time juke and scandal-navian syncopations in cracked out holy matrimony.

—Teki Latex