BastianMatthias Zimmermann

Release date: Array
Catalog number: SNP033
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Track list

  1. Bastian 
  2. Bastian (Nicolas Malinowsky Remix)


April 16th, 2013
by Sound Pellegrino by

When we approached our friend Stéphane Ashpool from Paris-based brand PIGALLE with the initial idea behind the Sound Pellegrino x Pigalle collaboration, he instantly told us how much he loved MATTHIAS ZIMMERMANN‘s debut EP ‘ISLA DUB’ we had recently released.

It made perfect sense to include a brand new and exclusive Matthias Zimmermann track as a part of that collaboration, on a limited CD sold exclusively with the Tee shirt and tote bag package. And so the subtle, sunny and intricate “BASTIAN” was born.

It also made perfect sense to involve NICOLAS MALINOWSKY, member of Ill-Studio, the creative brains behind Sound Pellegrino’s visual identity since day one (Ill-Studio also happens to have designed Pigalle’s logo and used to share offices with Ashpool in Pigalle’s early days). Nicolas, also a producer and aspiring DJ, had recently impressed us with a slew of home made edits and remixes. We thought it was a great opportunity to hear his take on ‘BASTIAN’, and he came up with a beautifully intoxicated slow rap remix which rightfully earned its place on the limited CD.