Activate / I BeSound Pellegrino Thermal Team
Activate / I Be

Release date: 10/01/2012
Catalog number: SNP034
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Track list

  1. Activate (vocal)
  2. Activate (instrumental)
  3. Activate (a capella)
  4. I Be (vocal)
  5. I Be (instrumental)
  6. I Be (a capella)


April 16th, 2013
by Emile Shahidi by

We, Sound Pellegrino bosses ORGASMIC and TEKI LATEX, otherwise known as the Thermal Team, return to the fusion of styles explored on previous subterranean hits such as “Bassface” and “Ice Palace” to bring you another slice of that dope unnamed hybrid of funk, dirty south bass and electronic rap ‘à la Française’ with this new EP “ACTIVATE” / “I BE” .

As first heard on the “Modeselektion vol. 02” compilation released by the impeccable Modeselektor-ran imprint Monkeytown, “ACTIVATE” is a motivational dance number
basically urging the listener to get this proverbial party started, whether it’s an actual party or one happening in his brain via intoxication of his soul. It doesn’t have to make much sense: this is how the best techno poetry in the World has always ‘worked. The soundscape is energetic yet melodic and bursts of chipmunk soul punctuate a beat that channels the buzzing of a swarm of nanorobotic
bugs. The always DJ-friendly Thermal Team generously provides instrumental and acapella  versions guaranteeing hours of fun for the whole family.

“I BE”  has been described by our close friends and collaborators as ‘anthemic’, although that’s a quite pretentious thing to write in your own press sheet. Objectively the music displays a certain number of qualities that scream ANTHEM: the fact that Orgasmic and I are moving closer to rap than ever before on an SPTT track, the epic frenchness of those conquering synths, the fast flows and the phrase ‘This is the Thermal Team definitely back to smack’. Classic French touch romanticism and Dipsetstyle musical overconfidence define this piece of modern slogan-based
braggadocio turning trap on it’s own head and bringing the crown of electronic rap back to Paris,
France where it obviously belongs (smiley face). Again, instrumental and acapella versions are provided.

— Teki Latex