Real Virtuality EPEero Johannes
Real Virtuality EP

Release date: 14/10/2013
Catalog number: SNP 038
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Track list

  1. Real Virtuality
  2. Alternate Virtuality
  3. Real Virtuality (Ben Butler & Mousepad remix)

SNP038 Eero Johannes “Real Virtuality” EP

October 14th, 2013
by Emile Shahidi by

Eero Johannes is a genius producer out of Finland with a series of releases under his belt including an album on legendary UK label Planet Mu. Eero is a pioneer and one of the most established representatives of a Scandinavian musical movement known as Skweee which could be described as beat-oriented low fidelity Funk. But Eero’s music separates itself from the rest of the Skweee crowd by conjuring the spirits of modern R’n’B greats and merging that influence with 8-bit flavor and heavy bass slaps. “Real Virtuality” was one of the most critically acclaimed tracks on our “SND.PE VOL.01” compilation released last June, gathering interest from DJs all over the spectrum and a spot on French Radio Nova’s daytime playlist. We thought it would be interesting to give it a standalone release.

For those who missed it the first time around, “Real Virtuality” is a masterpiece of modern 80 bpm robot funk conjuring the great tradition of Swedish melody as well as instantly recognizable golden era Timbaland beats and Rodney Jerkins stabs. As a matter of fact it conjures so many things that even calling Ed and Lorraine Warren on Eero’s ass probably wouldn’t prevent such sticky slimy ectoplasmic phonk from manifesting itself.

Before “Real Virtuality” found its final form, Eero momentarily decided to put aside his experiments with vocal cut ups and present to us a purely instrumental version of the track. I was more than satisfied with the song in its instrumental form and wanted to release it as it is, but Orgasmic and Emile Shahidi insisted that we fulfilled the track’s weird pop aspirations and pushed Eero to complete the vocal lines of the track, which ended up being a great idea. However I was still attached to that alternate instrumental version which I kept playing out on numerous occasions. When the idea came to make “Real Virtuality” a single, I insisted that we added this “dub” version to the package, baptizing it “Alternate Virtuality”.

Ben Butler & Mousepad, the one-man band born from the mind of Scottish electronic maestro Joe Howe, is no stranger to the world of Eero Johannes, the two having both frequented the same Skweee-affiliated labels in their early career. Ahead of his stunning 8-song deep mini album to be expected in the coming weeks on Sound Pellegrino, Ben Butler & Mousepad delivers a flamboyant tour-de-force of a club remix for “Real Virtuality”, breathing new energy into the track and taking Skwee to a weird discoid vaguely B-more-ish dance floor zone-place.

—Teki Latex

PS: Special Thanks to Juuso from Femme en Fourrure for making this possible!