EXEPJoe Howe

Release date: 21/04/2014
Catalog number: SNP 039
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Track list

  • Zip
  • Chewww
  • Good Morning, Vocoder
  • Zequals
  • Drop City (skit)
  • Groove-script
  • Dream D
  • Musografik

SNP 039: Joe Howe ‘EXEP’

April 21st, 2014
by Emile Shahidi by

JOE HOWE is a young musician and composer based in Glasgow. He has just finished his Masters in the Sound for the Moving Image course at Glasgow School of Art where part of his thesis submission is a software he developed to simultaneously conduct human performers and pre-recorded elements using movement recognition through a Microsoft Kinect camera.

He has been steadily recording and releasing music since 2005. Classically trained on both Piano & Saxophone, Joe took to electronic music via permissive high school teachers, an old Atari ST equipped with a rudimentary version of Cubase and a slightly broken SH-101. He still uses the same (albeit updated) software today.

His countless projects include collaborations with Momus and several releases under the moniker Ben Butler & Mousepad and recently the opening track of SND.PE VOL.01 plus a remix of Eero Johannes’ “Real Virtuality” on Sound Pellegrino.

Amongst his many artistic endeavours, he has composed and arranged the music for soundtrack to Santiago Blaum’s play ‘Die Geschichte Vom Soldaten Elik’ drawing inspiration from the work of Igor Stravinsky while paying homage to latter day Frank Zappa.

Seduced by his multidisciplinary approach, Sound Pellegrino has invited him to join its roster, under his legal name encompassing all of Joe’s talents.

His debut on the label is “EXEP”, which stands for “EXtra Extended Play”.

A producer’s solid statement over 8 tracks spanning from digital funk to playful musique concrète that undoubtedly bring to mind images of him laying the building blocks of a very confident emotion-rich construction set.

As a testament of their immediate charm, “Groove-script” and “Zip” have both been licensed by KENZO for the unveiling of their recent capsule collections.
The record closes with the heart-breaking “Musografik”, a love song without words offering a glimpse at Joe’s impeccable songwriting skills.

Expect much more music from Joe Howe, including a forthcoming collaboration with Matthias Zimmermann on the label’s next collective album…