SND.PE VOL.03: Raw Club MaterialVarious Artists
SND.PE VOL.03: Raw Club Material

Release date: 16/06/2014
Catalog number: SNP 043
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Track list

  1. Track ID"2"
  2. K-Lagane"She's So Fine"
  3. Ratchett Traxxx"On Top" (feat. Paul Fisher)
  4. Friendship "Phreak Mania"
  5. Deke Soto "Black Ice"
  6. Toyc"Analog Drums"
  7. Low Concept "Girlfriend"
  8. Nicolas Malinowsky "Crash"
  9. Rabit"Thug Rotorvator"
  10. Crystal "Underwater"
  11. Rushmore"Evertrack"
  12. Joe Howe & Matthias Zimmermann "Jules"
  13. Koyote"No Desillusion Baby"

SNP 043 SND.PE VOL.03: Raw Club Material

June 15th, 2014
by Emile Shahidi by

After two volumes respectively dedicated to Europe’s finest talents and to unexpected team-ups, the Parisian label Sound Pellegrino returns with a third compilation album . 13 new tracks.

« SND.PE VOL.03: Raw Club Material » is a collection of brand new tracks commissioned Sound Pellegrino’s curators Teki Latex and Orgasmic focusing mainly on functional club use.

Granted, Sound Pellegrino was always fascinated by pieces of music used as building blocks inside of a DJ set in a club context, but functional club use doesn’t mean the tracks don’t stand on their own. They also form a cohesive ensemble, evoking visions of architecture, minerals and metal that were always integral to the label’s aesthetics.

Brutal and candid, stripped-down and textured, all conveying to a vague and limitless idea of “Techno”, they paint the most faithful picture of what Teki & Orgasmic’s dj sets sound like in 2014.

Once again thanks to a worldwide network of fresh talents hailing from Houston to Tokyo, from Berlin to New York City, Glasgow to Paris, London to Chicago,« SND.PE VOL.03 » is our most straightforward album release, proving that Sound Pellegrino is first and foremostly a label dedicated to deejays.

It also boasts a fair share of mysterious artists such as Chicago’s controversial figure RATCHETT TRAXXX, as well as the hyperbolically anonymous outfit TRACK ID and newcomer DEKE SOTO, who both did their debut on the label’s most recent vinyl releases.

The label’s boiling core is also there, with JOE HOWE & MATTHIAS ZIMMERMANN teaming up for one heartbreaking number, young French recruit K-LAGANE, NICOLAS MALINOWSKY and CRYSTAL all donning their contribution. Strasbourg collective FRIENDSHIP also provide their debut track, a Teki and Orgasmic favorite announcing further collaborations with the label.

Exploring the common genetic traits of Grime and Techno, the new generation of UK producers such as TOYC and RUSHMORE, their US counterpart RABIT as well as the transatlantic team up of Renaissance Man & Physical Therapy under the moniker LOW CONCEPT leave an important and influential stylistic impression on the compilation.

Finally, KOYOTE (Mixpak) closes the album with a bewildering example of auteur house placing him without a doubt in the ranks of the most creative club acts today.

As Sound Pellegrino is about to celebration its fifth anniversary, the fact that it’s their third compilation album of fresh material released in the last 12 months is a good indication of the label’s determination to reinforce and transcend the high hopes it provoked recently.