SND.PE VOL.04: Melodic MechanismsVarious Artists
SND.PE VOL.04: Melodic Mechanisms

Release date: 19/01/2015
Catalog number: SNP044
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Track list

  1. Doline — "Karidja"
  2. Orgasmic — "Mauvais Garçon"
  3. Sudanim — "Seydou"
  4. Koyote — "Brigitte"
  5. Joe Howe — "Zoned Reminder"
  6. Nicolas Malinowsky — "Haunted Piano"
  7. Matthias Zimmermann — "Shaquana"
  8. Chilly Gonzales & P. Morris — "Late Visitor"
  9. Voltery — "5 Shadows"
  10. CYPHR — "Have Faith"
  11. Crystal — "Bill Gate"
  12. Moleskin — "Imagine (Handsome Boys Lifestyle)"
  13. Medicis & Vanshift — "P11 (outro)"
  14. Martel Ferdan — "Toy Gun" **iTunes only**

SNP044 — SND.PE VOL.04: Melodic Mechanisms

January 18th, 2015
by Emile Shahidi by

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After focusing on collaborations and drum tracks with “SND.PE Vol.03”, this time we wanted to explore the place of melody in today’s musical landscape. We wanted to get excited by melody again in a dance music world where it’s often used to convey re-heated nostalgia, or an overload of cliché epic-ness.

We asked ourselves how can we be touched by melody in electronic music again now that the cheap notion of « Emo » has taken over the purity and magic of great harmony and the weirdly unplaceable feelings provided by mysterious riffs made out of sounds you can’t pinpoint.

“SND.PE VOL.04: MELODIC MECHANISMS” is a selection of danceable whistle-able numbers that exist in-between genres. A collection of melody-focused tracks that retain nuance and a sense of reserve while remaining fiercely charismatic and unapologetic. Musical and effortless.

French newcomers Doline, Martel Ferdan and the Friendship crew (represented by Voltery and the duo Medicis & Vanshift) meet the new frontrunners of UK club music Moleskin, CYPHR & Sudanim, while Sound Pellegrino stalwarts Orgasmic, Koyote, Crystal, Joe Howe, Nicolas Malinowsky and Matthias Zimmermann give us some of their most melody-driven work.

The spirit of Sound Pellegrino’s Crossover Series is also present via the musical union of P. Morris (known for his work with Kelela) and illustrious pianist-slash-modern-day-musical-hero Chilly Gonzales, who took some time between collaborations with Daft Punk and Drake to make “Late Visitor” come to life.

—Teki Latex