Release date: 13/04/2015
Catalog number: SNP046
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Track list

  1. Cus D'Amato
  2. Landeoff II
  3. Elusive

SNP046 Doline Elusive EP

April 7th, 2015
by Emile Shahidi by

Taking the core of Trance and giving it a new shell, treating early synth music like remnants of a forgotten civilization and translating them into a language his generation can understand, turning club and rave into sacred artifacts to be sent as a message of love and passion into foreign worlds, that is what Maxime Prieur alias Doline is trying to do, and the results sound like nothing else.

An all-time melody-fascinated Doline reached out to Sound Pellegrino after hearing Teki Latex’s “Deconstructed Trance Reconstructed” exercise-in-the-form-of-a-mixtape at the end of last year, claiming we should lend an ear to his own work as he thought it was leaning towards the same logic and exploring the same discourse between drumless Trance and broken riddims. And boy, was he right! We instantly fell in love with his pack of demos which included “Karidja”, which we put on our “SND.PE VOL.04” compilation, as well as two stand out tracks: the ravey “Landeoff II” and the cinematic “Elusive” (which channels Sound Pellegrino’s recurring appreciation of ‘70s film score-flavored synths). “Cus D’Amato” came a bit later and blew us away with its slow-paced otherworldly romanticism.

With these three tracks, 23 year-old Doline is creating something pretty unique-sounding. Of course you can trace influences and cues from Trance (obviously), Grime, RnB, Techno and Ambient but Doline assembles them in opposite ways from current trends, concentrating on pristine purity rather than the omnipresent re-hashed sped up ‘90s vocal gimmicks. In an era where everything has been done before, it’s refreshing to hear someone putting together bits from pre-existing genres in a new and unexpected way, giving them a new context and a new function.

— Teki Latex