Momentum Series, pt.IIMatthias Zimmermann
Momentum Series, pt.II

Release date: 13/11/2015
Catalog number: SNP 047
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Track list

  1. Neil
  2. Sven

SNP047 Matthias Zimmermann “Momentum Series, pt.II” EP

November 13th, 2015
by Emile Shahidi by

While his first album is in the very final stages of completion and aiming at a release early next year Matthias Zimmermann is dropping one more salve of melodic, intense, grainy after-hours techno with part 2 of his Momentum Series, which serves as a “street single” of sorts for the album.

The romanticism of the slow-burning collective euphoria-inducing aerial techno build up gets VERY REAL in “NEIL”. Ever since Matthias sent the demo for it Neil has become an essential part of my techno sets, with a clear purpose: making the whole club suddenly start to dance with their hands in the air. And all of that while remaining quite subtle, stylish, gritty, neither polished nor obvious. It works in early sets and in late night sets. If i wasn’t the guy from the label who is releasing this single, I’d probably say “this is the Matthias Zimmermann track that every DJ is gonna wanna play”. Also, it is the first taste of Matthias’ soon-coming album.

EP- exclusive “SVEN” seems alive, like a little audio ecosystem in itself. Pumping drums go hand in hand with thick layers of electronic harp and synthetic drops of water in a somewhat contemplative yet danceable video game version of the great Black Forest in autumn, as the great wolves howl.

—Teki Latex