Burnt Glass EPLoom
Burnt Glass EP

Release date: 03/06/2016
Catalog number: SNP 048
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Track list

  • Burnt Glass
  • Acid Rain
  • Hardest In The Year
  • Hardest In The Year (Le Dom remix)
  • Acid Rain (Lloyd SB remix)
  • Burnt Glass (Doline remix)

SNP048: Loom “Burnt Glass” EP

June 9th, 2016
by Emile Shahidi by

After two brilliant EPs on Mr Mitch’s Gobstopper, one of the labels that gravitate around the awesome forward-thinking adrenaline-to-the-max idea-factory known as London’s Boxed parties, young englishman LOOM does us the honor to let us release his new EP on Sound Pellegrino. The “BURNT GLASS” EP is another testament to his unique blend of drum-less grime meets glass-shard club antics.

Seems like every young forward-thinking producer is trying to distance himself from the club nowadays, and in a way it’s an interesting thing and I guess it is needed with the uniformity of house, techno and certain club scenes at the moment. But I personally always thought the most interesting and experimental things in music lied in the common ground between danceable and thought provoking. You can bring back Art in music in a way reminiscent of the heyday of « electronica » all you want, we have lived through these IDM years and we already came to the conclusion that you’ll never be as experimental (and sexy) as a Timbo & Missy collab. That stuff was unique and weird AND banged in the club. Anyway Loom has always been riding that fine line like a champ, and the track “BURNT GLASS” embodies it fully. Alternating between an ambient intro, a bursting trance bridge and some bubbly broken club parts, it acts both as a respiration and an invitation to rowdiness whether it is in « da club » or « da Art Gallery ». “ACID RAIN” feels like actual acid raining in your face and “HARDEST IN THE YEAR” sounds like blocs of concrete being thrown around in a hangar. Both are on a more straightforward tough vibe but the bubbly feeling remains and those two club tools will destroy any dance floor while maintaining some melodic parts to balance the violent ones.

On remix duties the new french prodigy LE DOM transforms “HARDEST IN THE YEAR” into a motocross competition where the bikes have been upgraded with sawtooth wheels. Englishman LLOYD SB from the Nervous Horizon crew applies his trademark recipe of frantic grime and space-combat THX sounds to “ACID RAIN”. Introspective melodist DOLINE delivers a subtle interpretation of “BURNT GLASS” in a category self-described as « deep and phased » on par with his 2015 Sound Pellegrino EP.

—Teki Latex