AndeoMatthias Zimmermann

Release date: 01/04/2016
Catalog number: SNP 051
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Track list

  1. Andeo (album version)
  2. Andeo (Nathan Melja remix)
  3. Andeo (Koyote remix)

SNP 051: Matthias Zimmermann “Andeo” EP

April 1st, 2016
by Emile Shahidi by

When we started Sound Pellegrino, our concept was to only drop one-off EPs with different artists each time in order to keep it fresh, keep us on our toes and enable us to ask artists for pieces that were tailor-made for the label, without engaging in long-term relationships with them. We were comfortably installed in this habit of musical celibacy when we stumbled upon the fascinating demos of this unheard-of German artist who went by the name of Matthias Zimmermann. Matthias made us question our vow of celibacy and engage in a relationship involving trust, career development, and long term goals with an artist for the first time in Sound Pellegrino history.

Throughout his numerous EPs for the label since 2011, Matthias Zimmermann’s style has evolved from sunny/islander moods towards more industrial and technoïd aesthetics while keeping an instantly recognizable sound palette common to all of his tracks since his debut EP “Isla Dub”. Before the imminent release of his first album which will underline the connections between these different periods, “Andeo” marks the return of the solar, organic and percussive sonic identity from Matthias’ early works.

With releases for Opal Tapes and Mister Saturday Night under his belt, Parisian up and coming producer Nathan Melja‘s grainy and slightly lo-fi house rendition of “Andeo” is both wild and gracious.

Sound Pellegrino maestro Koyote dresses the beat with an Aloha shirt and offers to watch the sunset over the rocks while dancing and touching every key on the keyboard (not so) randomly.

— Teki Latex