Radio Pellegrino

introducing Radio Pellegrino

March 26th, 2015
by Emile Shahidi

Radio Pellegrino

YES it’s been more than a year since we put out the last episode of the Sound Pellegrino Podcast, but that doesn’t mean we haven’t been recording new DJ mixes!

Between our residency on Rinse France, Teki & Orgasmic’s FACT mix, the Xmas week Teki curated on Rinse France with 12 special shows from everyone in the crew and much more…

As a matter of fact, we’ve just uploaded 28 MIXES to the new version of our podcast feed, renamed RADIO PELLEGRINO!

We thought it would be nice to have every mix from our artist in the same feed so there you go!

If you’re already a subscriber, the mixes will appear automatically in your favourite podcast app ou iTunes. If you arent, listen & subscribe for free here:

And make sure you listen to the very special message from Teki & Orgasmic.

And tomorrow, we’ll be posting a brand new one, a new vinyl-only mix by none other than Matthias Zimmermann! The first vinyl mix he’s been doing in over 10 years!

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