Sound Pellegrino’s official free iPhone app!

  • Listen to all episodes of the podcast without having to download them
  • preview every track from every release on the label
  • keep up with the latest news updated in real time
  • check out all our upcoming tour dates and stay in touch with us in every way
  • …plus some hidden features!


News & Tour Dates

Every site post and announcements updated in real time from our site.
All tour dates by Sound Pellegrino Thermal Team but also Teki Latex and Orgasmic’s solo shows.


Browser our complete discography with release info, tracklistings and soundclips for every track we’ve ever released!


Full list of episodes updated every time you launch the app (manual update available).
Stream all episodes without having to download them on your device or sync it with your computer!


Classic quotes and sound effects from the show.


Pretty much every way to stay in touch with us.

Frequently asked questions:

Is the app going to be free forever?

Are more sections and features going to be added soon?
Yes, this is only version 1.0 where we cover all the basics.

Are you going to do an iPad version?
We’re working on it.

Are you going to do an Android version?
It’s not part of our plans right now. We’re focusing on making the most solid iOS app we can. It makes sense to us to prefer this platform (although we know how popular Android is) because we’re a music label, our music is on iTunes, our weekly show The Sound Pellegrino Podcast is on iTunes, and our free App is part of the same environment. Also as this App is available for free, we can’t afford pouring time and resources into having a parallel development process for Android.

Why can’t we have the “DJ Orgasmic please drop that shit!” signature phrase on the Soundboard?
We truly believe the power of summoning the dropping of the shit is a very important one, one that shouldn’t be yielded to everyone. But we’ll see, maybe one day.

You can help too!

If you want to support the App and the label, make sur you give us a ★★★★★ rating and leave us a nice comment on the iTunes App store!
The more support we get, the more it will encourage us to develop new features.


Our app is developed & coded by Mirko Trkulja, and produced by Emile Shahidi

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