Joe Howe by Hans Kristian Hannibal-Bach

Joe Howe’s ZONED REMINDER is premiering on Clash Music!

January 9th, 2015
by Emile Shahidi

photo: Hans Christian Hannibal-Bach
(photo: Hans Christian Hannibal-Bach)

Clash Music premieres Joe Howe’s “ZONED REMINDER”!

“Brilliantly bonkers electronic pop (…) Gloriously inventive, Joe Howe continues to trod his own path. ‘Zoned Reminder’ shares the vivid technicolour of fellow city-dwellers Rustie and Hudson Mohawke, but there’s a skewed sensibility here which belongs entirely to the producer himself.”

Pre-order SND.PE VOL.04 on iTunes!
USA / UK / Germany / Japan / Australia:
France / Belgium / Switzerland / NL:

Out 19 Jan 2015

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