Matthias Zimmermann pic by Keffer - 6

Listen: exclusive Matthias Zimmermann mix for Clash Music

November 15th, 2012
by Sound Pellegrino

Listen & download here:

Matthias Zimmermann by KEFFER

As you know, all tracks on Matthias Zimmermann’s releases have first names and constitute the population of an Isla we’re gradually exploring with him.

And here’s Zimmermann’s explanation of his mix: “The mix puts the listener in the position of being marooned on the ISLA. It describes the plot in different phases:

- shipwreck
– blurred perception of the environment
– alien impressions
– realization of the dramatic situation
– starting to brace oneself
– exploration
– being captivated by peerless purity
– looking out for shelter
– building a makeshift home
– hunting for food
– struggle in the wilderness
– growing desperation
– escape”

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