Matthias Zimmermann “LIA” EP out now!

March 27th, 2017
by Emile Shahidi

Here’s our first release of 2017, courtesy of Matthias Zimmermann.
Revisiting our German friend’s collaboration with Jay-Jay Johanson with 2 foot-stomping reworks and a musique de chambre gem.

Download it here:

Matthias Zimmermann momentarily pokes his head out of the fantastic and mysterious world he created for himself to holler at us mortals and present us 3 new versions of tracks taken from his precious self-titled album released last summer on Sound Pellegrino:

“Lia” sees Zimmermann team up with another pop hero who exists out of time and out of current trends: the legendary Jay-Jay Johanson. His ethereal presence combined with Matthias’s organic yet alien production result in the eerie 3D ballad that is “Lia”.

The song was completely reworked by chamber music modernists Kaiser Quartett (the notorious acolytes of Chilly Gonzales on his 2015 album “Chambers”) for a tear-jerking acoustic version which pushes the enchantment even further if that was even possible.

Boyfriend‘s remix gently takes the song in the direction of today’s reggaeton-infused pop world, turning it into a sensual banger while maintaining the song’s waviness and romanticism.

Chambray’s (Ultramajic) take on Matthias’ track “Jordan”—originally a bouncy playful house number—transforms it into pure dancefloor banger territory with his trademark simple effectiveness.

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