Matthias Zimmermann — Quincy (official video)

November 14th, 2012
by Sound Pellegrino

We think it’s pretty rude to reference drugs we haven’t done (yet), but this definitive colour treatment is spelling L-S-D at every frame and it would be hypocritical to dismiss the obvious.

Look at it as a trippy saturated statement of interdependence between nature and technology, where computers are brought out in the forest like in the artwork for James Stinson’s “The Other People Place” and there is an actual conversation between synths and birds. Technology is not looking for beef with nature, it’s just chillin’, minding its own business, and it makes more sense than ever: numbers adding up to objectively confirm was passion has inspired you, a moment of perfect cosmic realisation where nano-tech, politics and crazy conclusions drawn from observing nature through countless random filters of ignorance or poetry are the same thing: MAGIC. Sensuality, quantum physics and theatre arts overlapping all around you in a totally focused rainbow-coloured lenticular 360° landscape.

Directed by Ill-Studio

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