Podcast episodes

  • Episode 103

    The Sound Pellegrino Podcast returns from a 5-year break to announce the release of a compilation celebrating our 10th anniversary.

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  • Episode 102

    A few exclusives from SND.PE VOL.03 and new favourites including the always reliable MMM, Perc, Truncate, Call Super, Kink, Moleskin, Voltery, and Young Thug because of course.

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  • Episode 101


    Forthcoming material from Matthias Zimmermann & Track ID, Nehuen tracks on his label Classic Works, inaugural Curses single for his new imprint Safer At Night, Garnier on 50 Weapons + 2 bootlegs by Grandivaa.

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  • Episode 100


    Teki & Orgasmic back-to-back for 90 min of new music including Ratchett Traxxx, a Neana remix, The Phantom, more forthcoming Expect No Less material, Strip Steve, Twwth, French Fries and many of our favourite labels.

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  • Episode 99


    This time it's true: WE ARE BACK! A 2-hour episode! Like the legend of the phoenix… the Sound Pellegrino Podcast rises again, but in a totally new form…

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  • Episode 98


    New Riton on Ed Banger, great Teeth remix of Zebra Katz on his own label Signal Life, new Ital Tek remixed by Deft on Civil and much more…

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  • Episode 97


    New material from Salva and Pcoat on Friends Of Friends, new Crackboy on I'm A Cliché plus the always reliable Falty DL and much more…

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  • Episode 96


    After a quick state-of-the-union-address / thank-you-note, the boys get into 2013 with a good dose of new raps and show regulars.

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  • Episode 95


    When Orgasmic’s alone on the mix, you’ll send more names that you don’t know yet. That’s the case this week with deep cut electro and house plus the right about of rap!

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  • Episode 94


    This week new music from Jean Nipon, Project Pat, Wiz Khalifa, plus remix by Egyptian Lover, Jamie XX and many more…

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