The Sound Pellegrino Podcast

The Sound Pellegrino Podcast

The Sound Pellegrino Podcast is Teki Latex & Orgasmic's monthly DJ show. Every month, they share ten of the most exciting brand new tracks they just discovered. Occasionally, a guest joins us for an exclusive mix and a quick chat.

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Episode 102

Episode 102

June 6th, 2014
by Emile Shahidi by

Back to the Red Bull Studios in Paris as we’re gearing up for the label’s 5th anniversary and the release of our third compilation album SND.PE VOL.03 (yes, already!). Orgasmic & Teki play a few exclusives from the new compilation and new favourites including the always reliable MMM, Perc, Truncate, Call Super, Kink, Moleskin, Voltery from Strasbourg and Young Thug because of course.

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Track list

  1. Avalon Emerson "Church of Soma" (HNNY remix) [Spring Theory]
  2. Shinedoe "Get Dirty" [Intacto]
  3. Radio Slave "No Sleep" (Nightmares mix) [Nonplus]
  4. Kink "Source of Uncertainty" [Macro]
  5. MMM "Synchro" [MMM]
  6. Phran "X Dimension" [cd-r]
  7. DJ Dodger Stadium "Lovesongs" [Body High]
  8. Coni "The Opposite" [Clekclekboom]
  9. Voltery "Job List" [Friendship]
  10. DMX Krew "Spook Show" [Central Processing Unit]
  11. CWS "Untitled 02" (DMX Krew remix) [Classicworks]
  12. Friendship "Tool #2" [Friendship]
  13. Ratchett Traxxx "Whoreallywannit" [Raxxx]
  14. Perc "Take Your Body off" (Tessela remix) [Perc Trax]
  15. Low Concept "Girlfriend" [Sound Pellegrino]
  16. Call Super "Depicta" [Houndstooth]
  17. Truncate "Bodega" (Ben Sims remix) [Truncate]
  18. DJ Deeon "Your Mouth" (DJ Ford Foster remix) [cd-r]
  19. Ikonika "Wakeup Sequence" [Hyperdub]
  20. Ratchett Traxxx (feat. Paul Fisher) "On Top" [Sound Pellegrino]
  21. Trap Door "Luv Thang" (Ra's Al Fatale relick) [B.Yrslf]
  22. Rushmore "Evertrack" [Sound Pellegrino]
  23. Bok Bok "Howard" [Night Slugs]
  24. Mu-Ziq "Hedges" [Bleep]
  25. Moleskine "Turnt On" [Goon Club All Stars]
  26. Ruga "Drug Habit" (feat. Young Thug) [cd-r]
  27. Visionist "Can't Forget" [Diskotopia]
  28. Nicki Minaj "Yasss Bish" (feat. Soulja Boy) [cd-r]
  29. Paul Woolford "Erotic Discourse" (Kowton remix) [Hotflush]
  30. Rae Sremmurd "No Flex Zone" [Eardruma/Interscope]
  31. Ratchett Traxxx "Everydayofmylife" [Raxxx]
  32. SZA "Babylon" (feat. Kendrick Lamar) [Top Dawg Entertainment]