The Sound Pellegrino Podcast

The Sound Pellegrino Podcast

The Sound Pellegrino Podcast is Teki Latex & Orgasmic's monthly DJ show. Every month, they share ten of the most exciting brand new tracks they just discovered. Occasionally, a guest joins us for an exclusive mix and a quick chat.

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Episode 94

Episode 94

April 19th, 2013
by Sound Pellegrino by

This week new music from Jean Nipon, Project Pat, Wiz Khalifa, plus remix by Egyptian Lover, Jamie XX and many more…

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Track list

  1. Mannie Fresh "Heal The World" vs Joakim & Bambounou "W00t" (The Principle bootleg) [cdr]
  2. James Welsch "Hold" [Join the Dots]
  3. Doubleheart "Ghent" [High Sheen]
  4. Soul 223 "Hand In Hand" [Boe Recordings]
  5. Principles of Geometry "ISM" (Egyptian Lover remix) [Tigersushi]
  6. Four Tet "Lion" (Jamie XX remix) [Text Records]
  7. Dusky "Calling Me" [School Records]
  8. Jean Nipon "Black Things on Desk" [Clekclekboom]
  9. Thefft "Jungle Out There" [Fulcrum]
  10. Arttu "Tune It" (feat. Diamondancer) [Clone Royal Oak]
  11. Project Pat "Sack Full" (feat. Tatalalicious) [cd-r]
  12. Dark Sky "Gaddagive" [50 Weapons]
  13. Wiz Khalifa "Stackin" [Atlantic Records]