The Sound Pellegrino Podcast

The Sound Pellegrino Podcast

The Sound Pellegrino Podcast is Teki Latex & Orgasmic's monthly DJ show. Every month, they share ten of the most exciting brand new tracks they just discovered. Occasionally, a guest joins us for an exclusive mix and a quick chat.

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Episode 95

Episode 95

April 19th, 2013
by Sound Pellegrino by

When Orgasmic’s alone on the mix, you’ll send more names that you don’t know yet. That’s the case this week with deep cut electro and house plus the right about of rap!

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Track list

  1. Schoolboy Q "Blessed" feat. Kendrick Lamar [TDE]
  2. Bass Clef "Dawn Chorus Pedal" [Idle Hands]
  3. Waze & Odyssey "Love That (Burns Hot Enough)" [W&O Street Tracks]
  4. George Fitzgerald "Needs You" [Hypercolour]
  5. Kahn & Neek "Backchat" [Hotline]
  6. Preditah "Skank" (dub) [Preditah Music]
  7. Dnaebeats "Red Curry Popsicle" (Nebula remix) [Seclusiasis]
  8. Cash Out "The Curve" feat. Gucci Mane [cd-r]