The Sound Pellegrino Podcast

The Sound Pellegrino Podcast

The Sound Pellegrino Podcast is Teki Latex & Orgasmic's monthly DJ show. Every month, they share ten of the most exciting brand new tracks they just discovered. Occasionally, a guest joins us for an exclusive mix and a quick chat.

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Episode 97

Episode 97

April 19th, 2013
by Sound Pellegrino by

New material from Salva and Pcoat on Friends Of Friends, new Crackboy on I’m A Cliché plus the always reliable Falty DL and much more…

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Track list

  1. Falty DL "For Karme" [Ninja Tune]
  2. Mercury "Man" [Gomma]
  3. Battle Box "Battle Box" feat. Guy Garvey [Battle Box]
  4. Crackboy "Apes" [I'm A Cliché]
  5. Squarehead & Mella D "Get Together" [Wolf Music]
  6. Goliath "Kings & Queens" [Frustrated Funk]
  7. Salva "Drop That B" [Friends Of Friends]
  8. Pcoat "Division" [Friends Of Friends]