The Sound Pellegrino Podcast

The Sound Pellegrino Podcast

The Sound Pellegrino Podcast is Teki Latex & Orgasmic's monthly DJ show. Every month, they share ten of the most exciting brand new tracks they just discovered. Occasionally, a guest joins us for an exclusive mix and a quick chat.

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Episode 99

Episode 99

January 29th, 2014
by Emile Shahidi by

This time it’s true: WE ARE BACK! Like the legend of the phoenix… The Sound Pellegrino Podcast rises again, but in a totally new form. First of all the show is monthly now. We are focusing on a making lot of music and releasing it without catching our breath (check out our compilations SND.PE vol.01 & SND.PE vol.02 on iTunes) BUT the show is also longer now! 90 minutes per episode——except this one is 2-hours long! Well…a year has passed since episode 99 and Orgasmic & Teki sure wanted to come back in major form so there you go. Track list follows with a ton of exclusives from our fam, many tracks from the SND.PE VOL.02 Crossover Series album, and all these question marks in Orgasmic’s track list mean there’s some serious hear coming on Expect No Less in 2014. Please share, repost and comment and let us know what you think! There’s a new team song and new drops and pretty much all new everything so we’re looking forward to hearing your thoughts. Also shout out to Guillaume & Thibaut @ Red Bull studios in Paris where these mixes have been recorded. Happy new year everyone!

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Track list

  1. Maelstrom "Scanner" [Zone]
  2. ????? "?????" [Expect No Less]
  3. Koyote "Loose Your Mind" [Mixpak]
  4. ????? "?????" [Expect No Less]
  5. Pearson Sound "Lola" [Hessle Audio]
  6. ????? "??????" [???????]
  7. Feadz & Orgasmic "Throw It Up" [Sound Pellegrino]
  8. ????? "??????" [Expect No Less]
  9. Crackboy & Jean Nipon "Ligne Onze" [Sound Pellegrino]
  10. Bok Bok & Tom Trago "Work This Pussy" [Night Voyage]
  11. Feadz "Stick Builders" [Ed Banger]
  12. ????? "???????" [Expect No Less]
  13. Deke Soto "Molly Millions" [Expect No Less]
  14. Natasha Mosley "Sick" [cd-r]
  1. HNNY "Tears" [Local Talk]
  2. Crackboy & Joakim "ADAT" [Crowdspacer]
  3. DK "All Day Every Day" [Get The Curse]
  4. Crash Course In Science "Flying Turns (J Rocc edit)" [Stones Throw]
  5. Joe Howe "Zequals" [Sound Pellegrino]
  6. Aleqs Notal "Ancient Theory" [Clekclekboom]
  7. Koyote "Earth Symphony" [Mixpak]
  8. K-Lagane "???" [cd-r]
  9. Randomer "Ruffa" (Matthias Zimmermann edit) [cd-r]
  10. Maelstrom "Tank Diving" [Zone]
  11. Myrryrs "Scorpio" [Body High]
  12. L-Vis 1990 presents Dance System feat. Jammin Gerald "Move It" [Clone Jack For Daze]
  13. Axwell "I Found You piano" [Axtone]
  14. Tessela "Hackney Parrot" [Poly Kicks]
  15. Neana & Ra's Al "42 Dunjunz" [cd-r]
  16. Blackwax "Phobia" [cd-r]
  17. Desto "Operator" [Signal Life]
  18. TWR72 & Truncate "Frame" [Sound Pellegrino]
  19. L-Vis 1990 & Sinjin Hawke "The Pit" [Sound Pellegrino]
  20. Deke Soto "Black Ice" [cd-r]
  21. French Fries "Bug Noticed" [Clekclekboom]
  22. Donaeo "I'm Fly" [My-ish]