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SNDPE VOL02 Crossover Series

SND.PE VOL.02 out Jan 27th. Stream the first track on FACT Magazine!

January 13th, 2014
by Emile Shahidi
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Our new album SND.PE VOL.02: Crossover Series is ready!
Release date: January 27!

Pre-order on iTunes: https://itunes.apple.com/album/id790337169

Listen to a collaboration between CRYSTAL & IKONIKA and check out the full track list on FACT Magazine!

SNDPE VOL02 Crossover Series


Introducing Crystal

May 22nd, 2013
by Sound Pellegrino
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Sound Pellegrino is very proud to release Japanese group Crystal‘s new EP “Get It” on June 10th. Some of you might remember them from their two awesome releases on the late Institubes.


Initiative (March 2009) : 

Magic (March 2010) :

The group formed by Shinya Sato, Keita Onishi, Ryota Miyake & Sunao Maruyama is known for incorporating strangely poetic computer-generated visuals to their songs, their visual identity is as strong as their sonic identity. Early in their carreer, their tracks varied from naive early Shinjuku electro hommages to melancholic 3D tear drop synth ballads tied together by an obsession for lazerdisk and video games aesthetics.

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For their “Get It” EP on Sound Pellegrino they went out of their comfort zone to merge their Kraftwerk and Yellow Magic Orchestra influences with more modern, hybrid and dancefloor-ready soundscapes, still motivated by pure feelings of digital romanticism, the megalopolis and the ever-changing world of technology. The song ‘Get it ?!’ (feat. Teki Latex) will be illustrated by a self-directed video in 3D (old school 3D glasses will be supplied with the vinyl edition of the EP) It is an important EP by an important group with a unique vision, and we can’t wait to let the world hear it.


In the meantime, get familiar with the visual aspect of Crystal’s universe via some videos they directed for Strip Steve, Shinichi Osawa & Paul Chamber, Chateau Marmont and Keenhouse :