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Introducing Crystal

May 22nd, 2013
by Sound Pellegrino
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Sound Pellegrino is very proud to release Japanese group Crystal‘s new EP “Get It” on June 10th. Some of you might remember them from their two awesome releases on the late Institubes.


Initiative (March 2009) : 

Magic (March 2010) :

The group formed by Shinya Sato, Keita Onishi, Ryota Miyake & Sunao Maruyama is known for incorporating strangely poetic computer-generated visuals to their songs, their visual identity is as strong as their sonic identity. Early in their carreer, their tracks varied from naive early Shinjuku electro hommages to melancholic 3D tear drop synth ballads tied together by an obsession for lazerdisk and video games aesthetics.

Capture d’écran 2013-05-08 à 20.43.58

For their “Get It” EP on Sound Pellegrino they went out of their comfort zone to merge their Kraftwerk and Yellow Magic Orchestra influences with more modern, hybrid and dancefloor-ready soundscapes, still motivated by pure feelings of digital romanticism, the megalopolis and the ever-changing world of technology. The song ‘Get it ?!’ (feat. Teki Latex) will be illustrated by a self-directed video in 3D (old school 3D glasses will be supplied with the vinyl edition of the EP) It is an important EP by an important group with a unique vision, and we can’t wait to let the world hear it.


In the meantime, get familiar with the visual aspect of Crystal’s universe via some videos they directed for Strip Steve, Shinichi Osawa & Paul Chamber, Chateau Marmont and Keenhouse :


Teki Latex — Missing Links mixtape

April 25th, 2011
by Sound Pellegrino
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missing links
This mixtape is a round up of my recent collaborations and remixes organized around a little exercise: each track of mine is mixed in and out of tracks that have somehow influenced said Teki track. My taste in electronic music covers quite a wide spectrum and the tracks i co-produce and/or chose to put some vocals over are sometimes going in different, some might think opposite directions. With this mix i was trying to explain the weird logic behind it all, to show why it all makes perfect sense to me by highlighting the missing links between my works. I also wanted to demonstrate how my tracks and the directions i choose to take in my music are (humbly) made to be interpreted as “missing links” between these classic tracks I love. As usual with most of my solo mixes this was mixed completely live with my CDJs in the mighty computer room, so please excuse the occasional “ruggedness” of it: this is how i like it, and i hope you will enjoy it too. Make sure you grab a copy of our 5th Dimension EP when it drops May 2nd on Marble! —Teki Latex

Akufen – Deck the house
Noob – Powder (Para One & Teki Latex remix)
Soul Clap – Lonely C (feat. Charles Levine)
LOL Boys & Teki Latex – Modern
Miss Kittin & The Hacker – Stock Exchange
Para One & Teki Latex – Deep Sea Creatures
Arpanet – Illuminated Displays
Para One & Teki Latex – 5th dimension
Robert Hood – Clash
Myrryrs – Feel U (Teki Latex & Bambounou remix)
Ramadanman – Work Dem
Canblaster – Time Master (Para One & Teki Latex remix)
Jam city – Magic Drops
Funkin matt Feat. Teki Latex – Get Loose (Canblaster remix)

(via Marble)

The Sound Pellegrino Podcast — Episode 11

February 8th, 2011
by Sound Pellegrino
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Todd Edwards remixes our long-time buddies Jamaica, Lol Boys’ take on a 702 classic, a big big one by Splurt, a great Christian Martin remix for Wax Motif, plus new singles and remixes by Worthy, Jamie Anderson, Derrick Carter, Arcade, Word:Life and more…


Wax Motif “Shimmy Shake” (Christian Martin Remix) [Downright]
Worthy “Right Time” (Jamie Anderson remix) [Anabatic]
Socalled “Richie” (Derrick Carter remix) 
Jamaica “Jericho” (Todd Edwards remix) [Control Freak / Cooperative Music]
Bruno Belluomini “Hyades” (Arcade remix) [Alto Bajo records]
702 “Steelo” (LOL Boys & Sinjin Hawke remix) [cd-r]
Word:Life “Strictly Riddim” [cd-r]
Splurt “The Return VIP” (mega refix) [Oil Gang]

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The Sound Pellegrino Podcast — Episode 10

February 1st, 2011
by Sound Pellegrino
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First preview ever of the upcoming Payme remix of the Savage Skulls + Tony Senghore collab “Watching You” on Sound Pellegrino plus new music from TEED, Justin Martin, Soul Clap, Douster, Para One & Tacteel, Voltron, Ill Blu, Machine Drum, Kink, a wrong-but-right-but-wrong-again-but-wait-it’s-actually-right Dutch take on Edith Piaf and more…


Francis Inferno Orchestra “Meet Me In Salt Lake City” (Soul Clap remix) [Under The Shade/Jiscomusic]
Homework “Hudson Square” [Exploited]
Alias Jonez “Sideways” [Play It Down]
Savage Skulls & Tony Senghore “Watching You” (Payme 303 rework) [Sound Pellegrino]
Kink “Detunator” [Liebe*Detail]
Shake Aletti “Work” (Para One & Tacteel remix) [Moda]
Totally Enormous Extinct Dinosaurs “Household Goods” [Greco Roman]
Voltron “Don’t Stop” (XXXY remix) [Discobelle]
Ill Blu “Chelt” [Numbers]
Machinedrum “Sxlnd” [Luckyme]
Jim-E Stack “Do You” [cd-r]
Swick “Jogalani” (Douster remix) [No Brainer]
dj Rockid “French Toast” [Foktop]
+ bonus track: Hitmaker “We nuh fraid a people” [VP]

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The Sound Pellegrino Podcast — Episode 7

January 11th, 2011
by Sound Pellegrino
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L-Vis 1990 in the computer room for an interview and an exclusive mix! He unveils the upcoming releases on his Night Slugs label, his epic remix for Cassius, new DVA, S-X, F, Deeper Ones, DVA and more. And of course the weekly selection by Teki and Orgasmic including new music by Julio Bashmore, Ramadanman, Dr Gonzo (Crookers & Savage Skulls), Funkin Matt, Darling Farah and a Tom Trago x Crime Mob bootleg made by Orgasmic especially for the show… A certified EPIC-SODE!


Darling Farah “Show Me” [CD-R]
Julio Bashmore “Battle For Middle You” (Ramadaman’s Maurice Donovan dub) [PMR]
Salva  “40 Karats” feat. Zackey Force Funk
Tom Trago x Crime Mob (Orgasmic bootleg)
Funkin Matt “In Or Out” [Fjordin]
French Fries “Charlotte” (Canblaster remix) [Youngunz]
Dr Gonzo (Crookers x Savage Skulls) “Bust Dem Up” [CD-R]
Snoop Dogg “Wet” [Capitol records]

L-VIS 1990 mix:
L-Vis 1990 “New York to London” (a capella)
Kingdom “Let You Know” [Night Slugs]
S-X “untitled”
F “Slow Down”
Deeper Ones “Epic Proportions (Da Bang Banga)”
DVA “The Flute Tune” [DVA Music]
Paul Woolford & Bobby Peru “Erotic Discourse” [20/20 Vision]
Green Velvet “Harmageddon” [Relief]
L-Vis 1990 “Forever You” [Night Slugs]
Cassius “Shark Simple” (L-Vis 1990 remix) [Ed Banger records]

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