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Surkin & Todd Edwards ‘I Want You Back’ official music video

June 26th, 2012
by Sound Pellegrino
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Pre-order the EP now on iTunes:

Limited vinyl edition exclusively on our online store: http://soundpellegrino.bigcartel.com/product/surkin-todd-edwards-i-want-you-back-12-vinyl

As soon as the boys sent us the result of their last day of studio, we knew they treated us with something really unique and as the tracks were being polished we wondered how to illustrate it and the answer came from our director friend @LILINTERNET over at KarmaloopTV. Based on Surkin’s idea that we should give a nod at Todd’s roots with shots evoking the opening credits to ‘The Sopranos’, we sent Todd to search the streets of Jersey, the Atlantic City boardwark, carnival fairs and empty hotel rooms for the reason of the heartbreak exorcised in the song. Flickering apparitions of a mysterious green-haired character suggest she’s watching over him but that their respective realities shall never meet again.


December 3rd, 2010
by Sound Pellegrino
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Hopefully by now avid Sound Pellegrino fans know that our upcoming release on the label is PANTEROS666’s debut EP ‘Kegstand’.

Before we give a thorough preview (early next week), here’s a video interview with Panteros.

Some of the tracks from the video appear on the EP, some don’t, and some… well I don’t even know what they are.

No crabs have been hurt in the making of this video. 

Nouveau Nouveau Yorican

June 1st, 2010
by Sound Pellegrino
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Nouveau Yorican, the dynamic duo constituted of Gina Turner and Laidback Luke, whose first outing took the form of our dear Boriqua ep on Sound Pellegrino, is back with a new unstoppable single, courtesy of our friends at Mixmash records.

JACKIT, featuring remixes by Tony Senghore (aka by the man who probably didn’t sleep since 2008) and Trouble&Bass’ frontman Drop The Lime is available now on beatport here:

And to celebrate this properly, the duo’s unveiling the great and long overdue “Boriqua” video. Red Foxx shot this one 16 years ago with a totally different equipment. The final master, the rushes, the 6 betamax safety copies Teki did at the time: all lost in the terrible fire of oct ‘96.
Our pain was immeasurable and our frustration immense, since the entire fortune we made with the original white label vinyl releases of the label went into hiring the best hair stylists New York, Amsterdam and Paris could offer (and just to reassure Orgasmic, we hired ALL OF THEM) —hence the two-year editing saga, stretched by creative divergences and punctuated by spectacular microcycles of skin care revolutions and cosmetic industry deceptions (the infamous 94-96 “Fond De Teint bubble”).

Thankfully, while browsing his attic for the old photo album of what was supposed to be our graduation year, Luke stumbled on a crusty, half-melted, dusty vcr, with a glittery purple vhs tape stuck inside.
Being that it was impossible to extract the tape without damaging the glitter, the only option left for Red Foxx was to play it as it, and simply re-shoot the TV screen.
The irony is, some of these mises-en-plis are a bit dated now, maybe the clothes too… but Gina, oh, Gina, you haven’t aged a bit.

Directed by Red Foxx