La Hotte Du Pere Latex

Teki Latex has curated the Xmas week on Rinse France

December 22nd, 2014
by Emile Shahidi

La Hotte Du Pere Latex

Teki Latex & Rinse France celebrate the holidays with a week of special shows curated by Teki Latex!
Get locked every day from 18.00 to 20.00 CET for exclusive mixes by the Sound Pellegrino crew and our friends.

• Monday 22/12
18.00 Koyote – Ghetto tech/juke special!
19.00 Joe Howe’s history of Skweee

• Tuesday 23/12
18.00 Feadz – 3-6 Mafia & affiliates
19.00 Out One – “Vitamin House” : The Return!

• Wed 24/12
18.00 Genevan Heathen – 2-hour Christmas special

• Thursday 25/12
18.00 Teki Latex plays Japanese anime themes from the 1990s until today
19.00 Orgasmic plays Baile Funk & Passinho

• Friday 26/12
18.00 Betty plays Michael Jackson
19.00 Aero Manyelo & Spoek Mathambo South African Electronic Music special ! Recorded live from Ivory Park Johannesburg

• Saturday 27/12
18.00 Emile Shahidi – Shahidi Plays Old Stuff part II
19.00 Matthias Zimmermann live jam

• Sunday 28/12
18.00 Azamat B & Teki Latex 2-hour back to back

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