VOLTERY 5 Shadows video

VIDEO PREMIERE: Voltery “5 Shadows” on FACT TV

April 1st, 2015
by Emile Shahidi

FACT TV have premiered the official music video for VOLTERY “5 Shadows”, the latest extract from SND.PE VOL.04!


Directed by Tony Sanm & Reda Taoussi

About the track, Teki Latex says: “Voltery is a young producer hailing from Strasbourg, part of the up-and-coming eastern french collective Friendship. Five Shadows is an elegant and tense techno track with a sense of restrain, as if a dark malevolent storm was approaching – this is perfectly illustrated by Sanm & Taoussi’s video depicting the slow and stressful preparation stage of a supposed burglary by a Nissan 350 Fairlady Z-equipped group of thieves.”

Tony Sanm: “Reda Taoussi and me are big fans of heist movies. The atmosphere, the outfits, the weapons… We also wanted to offer a lecture of our youth. In this case two youngsters under pressure who are going to commit a criminal act. We were interested in focusing on the wait and the preparation before the breaking point, when they get amped up… Like ‘Yeah, let’s do this. Let’s do this now.’ In a different dimension, these same guys might have cancelled the whole thing. We wanted to show this kind of stress very specific to the big moments in our lives. The adrenaline, the strange feeling that you’re in a movie although it feels more real than ever. It’s a short illustration of the foggy uncertainty we’re living in and the memories we’re left with.”

Buy “5 Shadows” on iTunes:

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